No mercy for killer husband, Arowolo


-as Nigerians applaud death sentence

Killer husband, Akolade Arowolo should rot in jail or better face the hangman’s noose. That is the verdict of almost all Nigerians we sought their opinion on the death sentence given to him on Friday, February 21, 2014.

On the fate of Arowolo’s only daughter, Olamide, many reasoned that God will see her through since Arowolo who murdered his wife, Titilayo cared less about her while committing the heinous crime.


How I wished the government of today could sign that sentence immediately. Imagine Rev. King being transfered everywhere. Kolade Arowolo should be killed. Imagine stabbing his wife 76 times. They now claimed he’s mentally disturbed. But that sentence should have been life imprisonment.

When the child becomes an adult, she will blame the government for not doing justice to her mother’s killer.


That sentence is very good. An eye for an eye. When he reincarnates, he won’t be a wife killer. Nothing will happen to the child. After all, since the mother was killed she has been getting care from somebody.


Whosoever kill by the sword must also die by the sword. Nobody has the right to take another person’s life. The judgment have been passed, all he needs to do if not pleased with the verdict is to appeal. The judgment would serve as a warning to other wife beaters.


I am not an advocate of capital punishment. As a mother I feel for him. It is a lesson for others to always control their temperament whenever anger sets in. I wish he gets life sentence instead, he can still appeal.


It’s rather unfortunate what has happened to the young man’s family is rather unfortunate. Be it as it may, I want to believe the verdict is apt and he should face the full weight of the law. He might end up serving the rest of his life behind bars if he appeals. The daughter would be catered for by his wife’s family.

That’s the beauty of the Africa culture. The family will cater for her needs.


As much as I do not believe in an eye for an eye and I don’t believe in death penalty, I feel the man should be adequately punished for his heinous crime. He stabbed his wife to death in cold blood, so his theatrics for the press after the verdict shouldn’t make us start pitying him.

I think he should not be killed, he can serve life imprisonment and his relatives will cater for his daughter.


I don’t think the man deserves any pity. I believe in an eye for an eye, especially in a case like this. Kolade Arowolo should die also because according to the Bible, he that kills with a sword shall also die by the sword. The man is a criminal, he killed his wife deliberately and not by accident.

But if he is truly insane as his mother claimed, I think that should be looked into before he is executed. Concerning their only daughter, I don’t think that little girl will be happy to know later that her mom was killed by her useless father. So, he should die.


Yes, I believe in an eye for an eye, especially for Kolade Arowolo. He should die by hanging. After all, his survival was in the hands of God and his wife, and he has killed the wife. So, he should also go to where the woman is.

The issue of their only child, Olamide shouldn’t be in the matter at all. Whether or not her parents are alive, she will be whatever she is destined to be.


If he really killed his wife, I think he got what he deserved. We are not God so he doesn’t need our forgiveness. If he is a violent man he can also be dangerous to the child. The father of a child is not determined by DNA but by whoever takes care of the child, treats the child with love. Though it is a tragic story for the child when she grows up, but she will be fine with time.


Yes, I do. Why should a man ever think of murdering his wife in the first place, no matter what she may have done wrong. It is highly insane. I am a woman and whoever kills with a sword should also die by the sword. So, for me, the sentence is alright because his daughter has been surviving without him for a while now. So, she can survive without him.


I believe in an eye for an eye because what you do to others should be done to you, so you would know how it feels. I feel the sentence is alright because he has not been responsible for the upkeep of his daughter right from time so his absence should not make any difference.


This is hard, considering so many things, but we can justify it buy saying that the Bible said those who kill by the sword shall also die by the sword. So, I think the sentence is cool. I don’t think his daughter will be happy with him when she grows up to know her dad killed her mother in that gruesome manner. The wife’s family can cater for the little daughter.


According to the law of the land, I think that serves him right, at least that would teach other men who abuse their wives some lessons. But humanly speaking, I feel for him. The poor girl might not be able to love him even if he gets the opportunity to be with the girl. So, I support the verdict.


There is nothing like an eye-for-an eye. The soul that sinneth shall die. And he who kills by the sword will die by sword. The law must take its course. Arowolo is not God to determine the life of his daughter. If he really loved her, he wouldn’t have terminated the life of her mom and his wife.


Arowolo committed murder and the law says he shall die. So, who are we to question the law? I think we are crying over nothing. Let his lawyers argue this at the Appeal Court. I really feel for the little Olamide, who is now an orphan. God will see her through, I pray.


I don’t believe in an eye for an eye in any case. I don’t really see death as punishment. When a person dies, he or she doesn’t feel pain so, death is just an easy way out for most people who want to die anyway. I think people should be punished alive so they can learn their lessons and then be released to restart life unless they are a danger to the society, in that case, they would be remanded in prison but not killed.


I don’t believe in an eye for an eye. I am a Christian. I believe in forgiveness, though it might be painful, we must learn to forgive. At the same time, I respect the law, since the law says an eye for an eye, so be it.

Somebody has been taking care of the girl since the father was arrested and detained. I am happy that his case did not end up like others where criminals will be let loose without being punished. By now, he should have regretted his action. They should let him see a near death situation then spare him and remand him in prison.


Serves him right. He should know what it feels like to take someone’s life. No, he should have thought about the daughter before slaughtered the wife. That kind of man should never be allowed near a child.


I’m not a legal practitioner and I really don’t know much about the law but I know that whoever kills will be killed also. But they could have tempered justice with mercy by giving him life imprisonment.

This is a case between the state and Arowolo not Arowolo and the deceased’s family. And if Arowolo is found guilty of his crime then he needs to face the law to teach a lesson. Abusive relationship is becoming alarming.

He should have thought of that before killing the wife. Even if he’s not sentence to death do you think the child would be glad that her father killed her mother.


Yes, the judgment is fair, because the Bible also says he that kills with the sword, shall died by the sword. The government should had considering their only child. I understand the crime committed deserves capital punishment but the government should be considerate.


Very good and complete judgment, because no anger should be a good reason to kill anybody. Arowolo the killer, has taught other men to learn how to control their anger. The judgment is okay. It’s God that takes care of people, so God will take care of the child. Let Arowolo serve his punishment because he deserves it.


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