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‘No regret as wife No. 2’ – Bose Arowosegbe


ON Sunday, March 15, 2015, all roads will lead to Anchor Events Centre, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Lagos, when busty thespian, Bose Arowosegbe will be premiering her new movie, Ta ni Asewo?  (Who is a prostitute?)  The event is expected to attract dignitaries from all walks of life.

The Ondo born actress cum film maker spoke on this and much more, including her alleged secret wedding as second wife to a police officer, Mr. Aremu Matanmi in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly.




What’s the latest concerning your career?

Right now, I am preparing for the premiere of my new movie, Ta ni Asewo?  The event is coming up on Sunday, March 15, 2015.

What informed the title?

That wasn’t unconnected with the public impression that actresses are prostitutes.  What people don’t understand is that all women are prostitutes, not just actresses as they always insinuate.  There are some other professions where prostitution is even more glaring, worse than those of us actresses that are being labeled prostitutes.  If you take a look at other institutions, including banking, nursing and all that, you will find out that prostitution there is on the increase, but because actresses are in the limelight, people tend to say so many things about us.

So the movie is going to explain the issue better?

Yes, let the public buy the movie, watch and see what’s happening in all other fields.  They will know we actresses are more decent than women in the other fields.

But it’s public knowledge already that actresses warm the beds of movie producers and marketers before they become stars and even after, what’s your take on this?

I don’t really believe that.  Everybody has his or her way of doing things.  Even in the other fields, some people will expect you to be involved in such things because you want to get promoted.  I will tell you, actresses don’t do that unless you’re interested in that person.

Why is it that most Yoruba actresses are usually linked to National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) romantically and all that?  Is it because they are reckless spenders or what?

They are not reckless spenders.  They are not at all careless with their money. And to be honest, it’s not until something is attached that they can assist you in your movie project.  Fine, it’s not unusual to see them getting interested in one or two people. If you’re interested in them also, you can go for them.  These people you’re talking about are very nice.  And if they see you, they appreciate you as an actress, not that they will see you and start embarrassing you publicly.  But if any of them sees you and he shows interest in you, if you like you fall for that person.  They can’t force their love on you.  They are matured and decent people.  But people are only interested in misinterpreting their relationship with us.

Okay, what’s your relationship with them, especially MC Oluomo?

Oluomo is my godfather.  I like him because he is very nice.  He doesn’t underrate people.  He’s very good to almost everybody in the industry, whether you’re a man or woman.  Even I am the one that buys his flight tickets anytime he wants to travel.  I don’t have any relationship with him.  I am a ticketing and reservation officer as well.  But it has been long he bought ticket from me. I have known MC Oluomo for long and no strings attached.

A lot of people are saying you had a secret wedding?

I didn’t wed secretly.  I just didn’t want to make any noise about it.  I don’t think that’s necessary because many celebrity weddings don’t last. So, why won’t I make it low key?  It’s not the amount you spend on your wedding that makes it a blessed one.  But despite making it low key, a lot of people came, especially among my colleagues.

But we learnt you’re a second wife to your husband.  How true is it?

I won’t deny that.  It’s true that I am the second wife and I am enjoying it.

Why did you choose to be second wife?

That’s God’s will.  I believe that’s my destiny.  And there is no cause for any regret at all.

We learnt your husband is a Muslim, are you also one?

Yes, my husband is a Muslim but I am not.  I am a Christian, and my husband doesn’t disturb me from going to church.

What was the reaction from the first wife when you got married to her husband?

There was nothing.  And besides, my husband has not introduced me to her.  I only know he has another wife but we have never met.

How long have you been dating before you eventually came together as husband and wife?

We have known each other for long.  I think about 10 years ago.

When exactly did you get married to him?

That was 2013.

We learnt you both had a baby girl, can you tell us her name?

She is Roqeebat Aremu.

What’s the name of your husband?  What does he do for a living and all that?

My husband’s name is Aremu Matanmi from Kwara State. He is a police officer.

Despite the fact that you’re married, are men still looking at your busty side?

(Laughs) Yes, I am a pretty lady, and whether or not you’re married, men will still see one or two things that attract them.

Including your boobs?

Whatever you call it.  All I know is that I can’t fall for any other man again because I am happily married.  I can’t do anything with any other man again.  Even before I got married, I wasn’t a flirt let alone when I am now married.

Back to your movie premiere, how are you preparing for the event?

Preparations are in progress.  Ankara aso ebi is already in circulation.  Most of the special guests for the day have been officially invited.  Music would be by Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Ajibola better known as Pasuma.  It’s holding at Anchor Events Centre, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos.  And it promises to be one-in-town.  I am also using this medium to appeal to all my fans, home and abroad to buy the original copies as soon as it is released.


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