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No sympathy for Taiwo Obasanjo over wedding postponement


The attempt by Ms. Taiwo Obasanjo to move the wedding of her son, Olujowan Obasanjo, and Tope Adebutu (daughter of Chief Kensington Adebutu) scheduled for May 11 and 12, 2017, finds no sympathy from the public.

Filing a suit before Ikeja High Court on Monday, March 27, the estranged wife of the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, had petitioned that she was excluded from planning and listed a prophesy which advised postponement.
But the public ruled that it was a private affair.
Here are some views on the matter before Justice Lateefat Okunnu, scheduled for April 10

Olusegun Okuboyejo:

This is strictly a family affair which should be resolved privately.


Ajiboye Temitope:

All these nonsense saying has nothing to do with Nigeria. It’s a family issue. If they like they should cancel the wedding, it’s nobody’s business. This should be settled at home. Many weddings have been announced and the invitation cards are also out, and they later cancelled or postponed it. Nobody heard anything about it. We are talking about what can make Nigeria great or take us from this mess we find our self, some people take themselves to court. What is our business? Nonsense!


Tayo Oyefiade:

These media pple sef. How does this bring food on the table for average Nigerians? Oro jatijati jalajala.


Olubukola Heritage:

I don’t blame them, when they have money. That’s their own wahala jere.


Idris Akanji:

How  can a woman whose son is getting married say she is not  aware or been involved in any planning of the weeding? Then they should ask her what is her relationship with her son. Please, did your son keep you  out of the planning also? The picture she is trying to paint clearly shows the kind of a woman she is before her husband. And to issue of going to court, madam, I am sorry because you will be disappointed. Because a woman has no right either in our constitution or culturally in Nigeria to contest right over son or children in general over their father. Finally, I advice you to bury your ego and humble yourself before your husband and  stop making mockery of yourself, ma’am.


Omolabake Taiwo Williams:

This won’t reduce the price of rice and gari in the market. They should solve their wahala at home


Adaobi Joy Ani:

This woman get problem o,she must be a drama queen. Date the couple approved and the parents, and she is talking jargon.

Then I can’t believe a learned person is talking of prophecies from seers. Definitely, if they were so powerful, why didn’t the catastrophe happen after his elaborate introduction then.


Chinonye Vivian:

Na them sabi. But I no blame the woman. Fear has been instilled into her and she does not want to lose her son. I wish them well


Ishola Oluwadare Qudus:

He has a very large family and by that things are not expected to be always rosy. This is just one of the few cases of the hard times that comes with having a large family but I hope he would call his house to order before they end up disgracing him.


Donkor Josephine Ngozi:

Prophet of doom. They are capable of destroying family happiness. Normally they don’t have solution to their demonic prophesies. Well madam, I won’t blame you but you need to pray against any rubbish prophesy and allow the young man to take his wife to the altar.


Okafor Vin Paul:

These so-called men of ‘God’ have succeeded in destroying little-minded segment of our society with rubbish prophesies. May God help us.


Akwunwa Andre Kelvin:

Una go just dey disturb court anyhow… Watin concern court for the matter now??… Lobbish..


Obasoto Oluwafemi:

It is not everything that’s  supposed to be discussed publicly, especially you that people look as a good example.


Fapohunda Oluwasoji Femi:

Shameful act. How can you give birth to a child and you don’t have control over him……why court?


Okechukwu Onyebuchi Ezennia:

Iyawo Obasanjo. e jo, e ka ro ma, pls read Deut. 29 v 29, Jer. 33 v 3, Joel. 2 v 28, Dan. 2 vs 18 & 19. and ask God of heaven to personally reveal to you what those men of God said for you to be convinced if their prophecy is from God or not for you yourself is a servent and prophetess of God through baptism. God reveals secrets to those who ask him. Bless u ma.


Mukey Glenn:

Big man…big problem…wetin concern judiciary for de matter to stop de marriage ni????


Akano Joel Kolawole:

Baba, please kindly settle this problem out of public domain

All bad people of bad character shall be vomiting rubbish to your highly respected personality.


Prince Victor:

He didn’t say cancel the wedding, it’s just a matter of shifting the date. The woman should just seek the face of God on the issue and get her confirmation. Sometimes prophecy comes to you and you neglect it, at the end you regret your actions.


Jennifer O Nakpodia:

This mistake we make every day! Have sought God by yourself? What makes you believe whatever men of God say to you is what God says about you or situation? Until we put Joshua 1:6-9, we may never achieve good success!


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