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Nollywood star, Kehinde Bankole excited as Pumoh Shopping’s brand ambassador


+It feels great being one of the most sought after actresses now

On Friday, August 12, 2016, famous actress cum model, Kehinde Bankole was unveiled as the brand ambassador of Pumoh Exclusive Online Services Ltd. (pumoh.com). The event which held at Maison de Beaute, a subsidiary of pumoh.com at Lekki, Lagos, was graced by some of the colleagues of the pretty role interpreter, including Alex Ekubo, Mary Lazarus, Tamara Eteimo, Aloysius Okeke (Bishop) and others.

The classy occasion was perfectly compared by popular comedian, Koffi Idowu Nuel.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with Bankole who spoke excitedly on the new contract. We also had a chat with the MD of the outfit, Barr. Umoh Adingwugu on what informed the establishment of Maison de Beaute (House of Beauty) in Nigeria and other issues.


Congratulations on your new endorsement deal as a brand ambassador of Pumoh.com shopping?

Thank you, sir.

How does it feel becoming the brand ambassador of the outfit?

It feels great. I feel very relevant as a brand ambassador or Pumoh Shopping, not Maison de Beaute alone. Pumoh Shopping has a number of other franchises under its main umbrella. And Pumoh is representing an innovative technology as we can see here today with the launching of Maison de Beaute. I feel very relevant to identify myself with something innovative.

Pumoh is not only about online shopping, it’s about shopping innovative stuffs online. So, I’m really cool to be representing Pumoh Shopping.

What’s unique about Pumoh?

In Pumoh, they make sure they are not just creating brands. They create brands that are essentially needed for our environment. For instance, they have phones that have power banks and a lot of other items, including the beauty stuffs that are needed and essential to Africans.

Not just about entering the market to compete. Also, I know there are lots of Nigerian made products and a lot of products that are created abroad purposely for their hair, everything was complete from here in Nigeria.

Nigeria has been able to stand bold, large and strong on the maps of Africa and the world at large for doing non-surgical treatment in Nigeria now which was something people used to travel abroad for. We never know what other things could develop. It may come into something stronger for health or beauty. It’s the beginning for Africa more than just a shop where things happen.

What’s your projection for the company as its ambassador?

Personally, I am a giver. I like to give opportunity, give information. Already, online, we have a short competition and 10 people won free services here. One of them came in today, the others will be coming over a week.

Nigeria is very stressful. It’s an opportunity to rest and relax under a massage or whatever. We don’t have to worry you about having to pay for it. First, you just do that treatment and later you can come back. So, I have been able to communicate that on my social media pages. Second, this will surely bring more employment. I know, opportunities will spring from here. And I will be like a bridge between this brand and so many people that will be needing the opportunity out there.

Also, I know there are people who can afford those services to enhance their bodies, I will also be a medium, communicating this and that to them. But above all, I represent a brand that’s also making us relevant. So, Pumoh Shopping is about relevance for Africa. I think that, essentially, is one thing I really like to emphasize always.

What’s the financial implication of this new deal in your life and career?

It’s a very great financial implication.

How juicy it is?

It’s very juicy.

Let’s know how much exactly is involved?

You should know I won’t disclose that but it’s a juicy package.

You have been a face of Lux and few other products, what differentiates this new one from others you represented?

What I would say is that it just goes on to show that your relevance doesn’t expire. It just gets better. It’s like having a gift. For instance, you can’t stop being a journalist, you just keep finding a better you about what you do. If you stop writing for a particular paper, you will never live your writing gift.

Somebody else will pick it up, so, what I have just learnt is that every skill, every ability, no matter how long you’ve had it, it’s still very useful and will still earn you the respect you deserve. I think that’s what this tells me, it’s not that the endorsements are different but it just shows that you’re still found useful in all those areas. I think that’s what I have noticed about that.

What change will being a brand ambassador of Pumoh shopping bring to your life?

Certainly, I am going to look more into beauty now. I can divide beauty with acting and other parts of entertainment. But this will also draw me back to take a second look at things about beauty.

How does it feel being one of the most sought about actresses right now?

It feels great. It only tells me to work harder. The more sought after you are, the more points you have to prove. The more sought after you’re as an actress, the more of the reminder that some people are counting on you and they respect you a lot, and the better you live up to it. Otherwise, they will leave you and move on to the next person.

Then, picking you among many how does that feel also?

I feel very grateful and I thank God for that.

A word for the management of Pumoh Shopping?

My word for the management and the owner of Pumoh Shopping is nothing but thank you for bringing this kind of innovation to Nigeria and also making it affordable because we know we need it. And for also encouraging the people to really take good care of themselves, that is really good. I thank them for the opportunity they also gave me as their brand ambassador.

What’s the duration of the contract?

At the moment, it’s a year.

Is it renewable?

That will be for the management to decide.

What do you think stands you out among your contemporaries in the industry?

We all have things that stand us out individually. We are all different in our ways. But I think what’s important is that you should stick to your lane, be original and learn to encourage others. I am here with some of my colleagues to night. I am celebrating them as well.

You can’t be an actress on your own, you need other actors and actresses to act with for people to recognize there is an actor. It’s not a one man thing. So, I believe we’re all different in our ways but we should stick to whatever makes us original. I think that’s the truth.



Barr. Umoh Adingwupu 1-IMG-20160814-WA008What motivated your going into this type of business?

We came up with the idea when we attended a trade fair in China and then came across the printing machine and got fascinated with it because it could print pictures or images on your natural and artificial nails. It could be your name or picture of your spouse or anything at all as you want it and in different designs.

So, we just got fascinated. Then, we made findings and got to know that they already have it in America so also in Europe.

But we’re yet to have it in Africa. So, we bought a franchise for the whole of Africa. So, we’re the ones who brought in the innovation, the first of its kind in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

What would you say is unique about this outfit?

I think I have mentioned it. It’s because it has the conventional, the traditional way of doing nails. This one, you could have your image. Your picture will be taken or if you have it already in your phone, it can be transferred into the machine and will be printed on your nails. If it’s your name, it will also be printed the way you want it.

We didn’t have such in the whole of Africa. We didn’t have such in the whole of Africa. We’re the first to bring it to Africa. So, that’s the unique thing about Maison de Beaute.

What are the services you render at Maison de Beaute and how affordable are they?

Yes, our services are quite affordable. They’re pocket friendly. And after getting the nails, we talk to ourselves, “if somebody calls for the nails, what else? Let’s have a walk up shop whereby people come in, they can get everything done, from hair to the facial, to the steaming of Moroccan hammam because they’re very good in it to the teeth whitening because a lot of us eat a lot.

Also, some people smoke a lot and with age also, we can’t rule it out that our teeth might have gone brown. So, we do teeth whitening and it does not involve any surgical operation. It’s purely cosmetic. It will be done and you now see the difference between what you had before.

You just unveiled the brand ambassador for this outfit, how do you feel about that?

I feel great about that. Kehinde Bankole is a renowned actress, well respected in the industry. She is young and beautiful and she knows her onions. We picked her because with her own ideology, she fits into it. She is not extravagant, she is overboard.

So, she fits in perfectly into the company’s ideology. She is not just the face of Maison de Beaute, she’s the face of Pumoh.com which is an online shopping mall, Maison de Beaute is a subsidiary of Pumoh Online Services Limited.


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