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Nollywood star, Stephanie Linus stages ‘Dry’ premiere to loud applause 2: ‘I’d call this movie a pathfinder’ – Klint De Drunk (Dr. Mutanga)

Comedy may be his forte, but his acting is as good as it gets based on the evidence of his cameo as Dr. Mutanga in this flick.


Klint De Drunk

Klint De Drunk

Tell us about your role in this movie?

I played the role of a medical doctor, a very frustrated one at that. His hospital was ill equipped, a lot of things were not right but he still tried to live up to expectations as the only doctor in the hospital.

How would you describe your experience on set?

It was beautiful. Stephanie knows how to make things work. Everyone was comfortable. It was not a set where some were preferred to others, where some would eat this and others would eat something else; or some are taken in cars while others sort themselves, no! Everyone had equal treatment, equal opportunities. She would make you so comfortable playing your role that you’d even want to go the extra mile. It was a lovely experience. In fact, all of us involved in this have been waiting for this day.

How much impact do you foresee it having in the society?

I’d call this movie a pathfinder. It follows a path that a lot of movies should emulate because it educates people about something in the society that is talked about only as a problem. This movie makes you see that yes, it is a problem, but it has a solution. This is what a movie should be.

Why should I go see this movie?

The standard is wonderful, the storyline as well. You know there are some kind of movies you watch and you want to own, this is such kind. Not the kind you see once and you are tired of it. And I’m saying this not only because I’m a part of it, but because that’s what it is.

What has 2015 been like, eight months in?

2015 has been a beautiful year, it’s not been bad at all. Hopefully this year, I’ll be able to launch my educational magazine. But I’m starting my comedy club on the 15th of this month at the Bank Nightclub, Lekki Phase 1. Also, expect my show towards the end of the year.

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