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Nollywood star, Stephanie Linus stages ‘Dry’ premiere to loud applause 3: ‘I really love doing this’ – Chinenye Nebe, Young Zara

What was the experience like working on the set of this movie?

It was really interesting but also stressful.

What would you say you learned from the experience?

I learnt not to treat people as outcasts no matter what happens to them, that’s what the movie is talking about.

Tell us about your role in the movie?

My character is the young Zara in the movie, a young girl who lost her parents at an early age, and had to live with her aunt and her husband. While living with them, she was raped by her aunt’s husband and then was pushed out in the streets. She had to hawk and struggle to survive. In the process, she fell into the hands of a woman who forced her into prostitution.

Is this your first major film?

No. I’ve done a couple of other works that I played major roles like Voice of a Mother, Living Nightmare and others.

What does acting mean to you?

This is my passion. I really love doing this.

How would you describe your journey as an actress?

Nice! Having people identify and recognise you whenever you go out feels good.

Who are those in the movie industry that inspire you?

Seriously, my number one is Stephanie Okereke-Linus. I’ve always loved her and everything about her – the way she walks, the way she looks, just everything! Now, it’s like a dream come true not just acting with her, but acting a younger version of her.

Asides being an actress, what else would you like to fulfill?

Helping those in need. I really want to be a philanthropist. I’ve started something on that, during Easter I go to orphanages. I would like to have an NGO that caters for breast and cervical cancer.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Chinenye Nebe. I’ll be resuming at Zenith University, Ghana, in September. My family is made up of my dad, my mom, me and my sisters.

Your parents must have been quite protective considering you are all girls?

They were very protective. Though I did not feel it because I’m actually a reserved person, my sisters found it stressful.

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