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Nollywood’s most bankable actors (5)


Ivie Okujaye

Ivie Okujaye

Tall and vibrant Ivie Okujaye is also one fast-growing actress Nollywood has produced.  Little Genevieve as fans call her, came to spotlight in 2009 when she won Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) 5.  Ivie is a script writer, dancer, producer and a singer.

She has won several awards including AMAA and AMVCA.  Some of Ivie’s works include The Volunteers, directed by Desmond Elliot. In 2014, Ivie released her blockbuster movie, Make a Move, which was nominated for Best Movie Drama at AMVCA 2015.  Ivie was born on May 16, 1987.  She studied Economics at the University of Abuja.  She has featured in cinema blockbusters such as Black Silhouette and Hotel Majestic.

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