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‘Not having kids bother me’ -Cossy Orjiakor

Controversial actress cum singer Cossy Orjiakor was in the news recently. She said, she was looking for a husband. ENCOMIUM Weekly’s SHADE WESLEY-METIBOGUN took her on this and many more…

It is all over the internet that Cossy is looking for a husband, is it true?

Haha! I am single. Though I will need to get married soon, having it all over the internet is something else.

Is it that men are not coming or Cossy is too choosy?

I don’t lack attention.

What are the qualities you desire in a man?

I love hot men, really hot.  That banging body to die for and also, he must be a lot richer than me.

Does being single bother you?

Being single does not bother me. But, not having kids do bother me, I must say.

How far with your movie Power Girl, what stage is it now?

I am taking my time. I am not in a rush. Since I am not competing with anybody, it will come out when I think and believe it’s okay to come out. Don’t be in a haste to see it.

Will it be at the cinema or on DVD?

You will get to know when I am ready. I like taking my time. I am not in a haste to release it.  When I am ready, I will think about that.

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