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Oando Marketing Plc partners Automedic to make life easy for mechanics

Auto mechanics enjoy the benefit of community responsibility service of Oando Marketing Plc. The management of Oando empowers and promotes Nigerian technicians to acquire modern skills in vocational study, most especially automobile in order to have a structured workshop with which automobile engines enjoy good services.
The Chief Operating Officer of Oando Marketing Plc. Mrs. Olaposi Williams spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly at the event on Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mrs. Olaposi Williams

Mrs. Olaposi Williams

What informed this initiative?
As you can see, we are partnering Automedics who have competency training mechanics. We saw the gap in the system, lots of mechanics are not well structured. Under the body of Nigerian Automobile Technician Association (NATA) and Motor Mech and Technician Association of Nigerian (MOMTA), we saw the need to empower and promote them and ensure they have the necessary skills. At the end, the public will be the ones to benefit from the training they have acquired.
After empowering them with the tools, skills and information, they will be updated in rendering a good service to the public. So, Oando is filling the gap for the betterment of mechanics in rendering good services to the community.
Is there anything you are doing to benefit other mechanics in other schools?
Before, we had very effective technical colleges where people acquired technical knowledge in different vocations, but it has gone down these days. Hence, we are ready to partner government concerning that. But we don’t want to wait for them before we commence this initiative, because Aautomedics is an already established training centre. But as we progress, we will gladly do that.
What effect would this initiative have on your brand?
OandoOleum brand is already a known brand with mechanics. If they know the right oil to use and they know that Oando has the quality of chemical components they need, they will definitely recommend it to their customers. However, we did not limit them to that alone, but to give them the right skill to know quality products to be recommended to their customers and the public would enjoy their good services.
For instance, there are different grades of Oleum for new engine, low engine, medium engine and high engine. So, we need to let them know and acquire the skills because it is not all of them that will have access to the internet. But as a company, we know that new cars are manufactured everyday and we are updating to the taste and specification of the new engine.
That is, we deemed it fit to empower and promote them to have good skills and knowledge about new development in the automobile world.
Are these people the first set?
Yes, this are the maiden ones, the first 100 people and it is a structure we have put in place, it is not an annual function, we are working with NATA and MOMTA. These are the first set of 100 that we are training. It is mainly on empowering mechanics to have the structure of mechanic workshop.
What is the economic importance of this project?
The economic importance is huge. After training, they grow to appreciate and acquire the skills to operate the mechanic structure which is of benefit to the public.
What are the criteria you use to select these people?
That is why we are working with NATA and MOMTA to select technicians who are to be trained in Automedic School.
What is the financial implication?
It is subsidized, that is why we partner automedic
What is the percentage of your subsidy?
For the first 100 people, it’s 100 percent but with time, we shall review the project for the next applicants.



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