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Inhabitant of Ipetumedu in Osun state have every reason to jubilate, Oando Plc, one of the leading petroleum products marketers and producers have introduced their latest facility, O-Gas Initiative for the commercial production of a local delicacy, Akara Osu in the town.

The initiative is to afford the people of Ipetumodu modern and faster facility for the production of bean cake akara osu for commercial consumption.

ENCOMUIM Weekly spoke with the Chief Operating Officer of Oando Plc, Mrs. Olaposi Williams about the initiative and more.


What informed this initiative?

Nigeria is a blessed country with so many natural resources. We have abundant Liquefied Petroleum in Nigeria with the assistant of Liquefied National Gas (LNG) company that imports about 250,000 metric tonnes of gas in Nigeria and many Nigerians are under utilizing it.

Oando Plc wants Nigerians to switch into the use of gas which is healthier, cleaner, faster and environmental friendly.  Oando Plc started this initiative with the people at the bottom of the pyramid, the masses who use firewood, charcoal, etc. we noticed the problem is the cost of switching to the use of gas. So, Oando Plc had come with the cylinder of 3kg to the people of Ipetumodu, Osun state

Oanda Plc further simplified the gas usage initiative in Ipetumodu by allowing the users to pay N800 for the content alone.

Oando Plc has arranged how the people of this class would get access to gas by coming to their outlet to exchange the empty cylinder for the refilled O-Gas cylinder. So, the issue of how they will get the gas has been taken care of by Oando Plc. They have our numbers and we work with their community leaders so the issue of gas availability is not a problem. We come to them, it saves them cost of transportation, risk of cutting wood in the bush and it helps environmental pollution.

How well have you sensitized these people about the safety?

Before we commenced this initiative, we have educated them on the safety measures. They said they have heard stories about the use of gas but our own 3kg cylinder has a seal which also serves as safety guard.

We have established Oando Plc Point here called Secondary Delivery Point (SDP) where the masses would be educated and get our services at beck and call.

What would be the next level after this initiative?

Continuity is our next level. We want every household to be using gas. After Ipetumodu, we will go to other communities and create this awareness. We have made our lines open, if there is any community that needs our service, we won’t hesitate to go there.

You can see that we have produced O-Gas burners for the community to fry akara for commercial consumption.

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