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OAP LOLO 1 retraces her journey into broadcasting

Lolo 1 of Wazobia fm (1)

– Speaks on rumoured troubled marriage

WAZOBIA FM presenter, Omotunde Adebowale David, popularly addressed as Lolo 1, has insisted she is happy in her marriage despite the rumour to the contrary.  The mother of four children spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly about this issue and how she became a broadcaster.

You are a lawyer turned broadcaster, did you ever practice at all?

Of course, I practiced for three years before I moved into broadcasting properly.

Did you set up a chamber?

I worked with Akintunde & Ibrahim.  I also worked with Abimbola Hundeyin & Co.

Did you handle any case at that time?

Of course, I went to court like every regular lawyer.  I did litigation.

At what period did you realize you could talk on radio and not only in court?

Everybody has passion for something and entertainment is my passion, that is why I am into broadcasting.

Seems you have a flair for talking?

Always. I have the flair for talking, that was the main reason my parents thought I would be good in law.  They told me I would make a good lawyer so I followed them in studying Law. But I later found out that my passion for talking is actually for broadcasting.

That means law was your parents’ choice, not yours initially?

Legal degree was my parents’ choice.  What I am doing now is my choice.

For how long have you been talking on radio?

I have been on radio for eight years now. I started with Radio Nigeria 1, Metro FM and now Wazobia FM.  I have been with Wazobia FM for some years now.

Why did you choose the pidgin segment?

I do my own show called Oga Madam, it’s what I love to do and the reception has been good.

Your show, Oga Madam Live, how has it been with the acceptability?

It has been awesome.  I did one in London last year. We are planning another one this year.

What informed the titled Oga Madam?

A lot of people love my show on radio and they want to see me replicate that on stage so the title just cropped up.  The first edition at Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos was filled to capacity.  My fans have become sort of my family.  They all came. I am looking forward to this year’s edition, how it is going to turn out.

What was your first time behind the mic like, were you jittery?

Yes, I was jittery.  I was shaking and sweating but then I had a wonderful boss who encouraged me. He was very patient.  He told me to calm down, breath and nothing was going to happen.

What is your target for the future?

I want to be an entertainment guru.  I want to do a lot of creative works, singing, acting.

How do you learn on the job?

Everywhere.  I learn everywhere, in the street, when I talk to my guard at home. Life, for me, is a school, so I learn one or two things everywhere I go.

Any horrible moment during these years in broadcasting?

People called in sometimes to abuse me on radio.  That was the early years when I started but now I have learned how to handle such.

Who are your heroes?

God Almighty.  Ruth Benamasia-Opia made me interested in broadcasting.  I used to love the way she presented on NTA back then. I also loved the fact that she is dark and beautiful.  My international influence is Oprah Winfrey, her grass to grace story.

It has been observed that women in your profession find it difficult to manage their homes, what has worked for you?

There is no big deal in that.  Work is work and family will always remain family.  If a banker can be a mother and a wife then why not a female married broadcaster?  The most important thing is to set your priorities right.

Who takes care of the children if you are not at home?

Most times my mother will be at home.  We have care givers.  My sister is nearby, we always have family support.

Why is it that you don’t come out with your husband?

We both do private things.  He is an extremely private person.  My job is exposing.  He likes private things that is how we have agreed to keep it and whatever works for your family you stick with it.

What does he do?

He is a businessman.

You have four children already, are you planning to have more?

Nobody knows what the future holds. For now, I am contented, but never say never.

There was a time it was reported you had a problem with your marriage that you thought about quitting?

Everybody talks, I am happy with my marriage.  My family life is a private thing, it is normal for people to talk.

–              FOLUSO SAMUEL

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