‘Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi will be a great king’ – Akeem Mustapha

Akeem Mustapha, owner of G12 Bar on Oniru Beach, Victoria Island Lagos had a great and busy 2015 business wise, as there were lots of parties at his fun spot with A-list artistes in attendance as well as socialites.

The entrepreneur who has been in business for over seven years spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly on how business went in 2015, his plans for 2016, his relationship with the new Ooni of Ife and why his promotions outfit deals strictly with disc jockey’s (Dj’s).


How was 2015 business wise?

Alhamdulilahi, I give glory to Almighty Allah, He has been wonderful to me and He made 2015 an amazing year for my customers and I.

What are your expectations for the new year?

It would be a great year by God’s grace, there are so many things lined up for 2016.

What special plans do you have for your customers in the first quarter of 2016?

We have a lot lined up starting from the first week of February. In celebration of Valentine we would be having some big artistes coming in, and for Easter we have bigger plans. My partners, Moet-Hennessey, would power our branding . They’ve done so much for us.

Recently pictures of you Obafemi Martins and the new Ooni of Ife surfaced online. Can you tell us about it?

Oba Adewusi is my brother, my boss and my father. He’s always been a mentor even before he became the Ooni. Obafemi Martins is my friend.  We went together to greet the new Ooni.

Looking at the Ooni, being a young king do you think he will make a good oba?

He has always been a great man. Eeven before he became king everything about him spelled greatness. Since he became king, he has been doing amazing things that haven’t been done before. He welcomes everyone that comes into his palace, he doesn’t send people away and he is always ready to listen to everyone.

He is an intelligent and talented man who believes in natural resources. I’ve been to his resort at Inagbe and most of the things there were locally made and built from scratch, even the rug in his palace is handmade and very beautiful.

What are your wishes for the Ooni of Ife?

I wish him long life and a lot of wisdom to rule the Kingdom of Ife.

Is it true that your promotions outfit, Mainstreetz Promotions recently signed up another DJ?

Yes, it is true we signed DJ Kenzy, and we are still grooming him. He is one of the official DJ’s of G12 Bar.

What major events should we anticipate from Mainstreetz Promotions this year?

We have loads of events lined up, you know Mainstreetz is in Nigeria., South and West Africa. We basically focus on DJ’s.

Why just DJ’s?

Everyone is doing music and we decided to do something different by focusing on DJ’s. In the Nigerian entertainment industry DJs are not respected, even club owners don’t value them so much. If a DJ doesn’t play a musician’s song no one would know it. With a platform like ours DJs are getting more exposure, more gigs and more respect.

What should customers expect from you this year?

I promise them that they’re going to have a lot of fun, excitement and joy. I also pray that Almighty Allah blesses them for me and provide for them.

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