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Obesere rape mess: Victim Nike Olaiya says she has stopped bleeding


-‘I leave him to God’

Obesere Responds -‘She will soon be declared wanted’



THE last is yet to be heard of the popular fuji musician, Alhaji Abass Akande, a.k.a Obesere’s rape mess as the energetic singer is ready to get to the root of the matter which almost marred the image he has built over decades.

According to Omo Rapala, as Obesere is also known, his accuser, Olanike Olaiya will be declared wanted if she fails to show up at Adekunle Police Station, Panti, Yaba, Lagos, where the case is being investigated. He told ENCOMIUM Weekly this in a telephone chat on Friday, March 14, 2014.

“Nike’s whereabouts is still unknown as I speak to you. She has not show up at Adekunle Police Station, Panti, Yaba, Lagos.  I don’t think she knows the implication of what she is doing.  Very soon, police will declare her wanted if she doesn’t show up. She wanted to defraud and blackmail me but she has failed.”

Meanwhile, ENCOMIUM Weekly got across to Alhaja Bola Omo Owo through whom Obesere knew Olaiya, on Friday, March 14, 2014. The Ibadan, Oyo-based businesswoman also stated her own side of the story.  She added that Olaiya is nothing but a blackmailer and a blatant liar as there is no iota of truth in her allegations against Obesere.

“I believe all Nigerians following the matter are not fools.  Nike is looking for an avenue to make quick money. That’s why she labeled Obesere a rapist.  She thought the man would settle her.

“It’s true I know Nike and it’s through me Obesere also knew her.  I didn’t actually introduce her to Alhaji Abass like that, she was beside me when I called the man.  I was discussing Obesere rice with him, which he said would be imported from Thailand soon.  And the man said I should be one of the distributors which I appreciated.  That’s how I told Nike about it and I also asked her to help say a big thank you to Alhaji because right from the time I knew her she has always been my daughter, and she also addressed me as her mother.  That was how both of them got talking.  And they both agreed to meet.  When Alhaji inquired about her from me, I told him she is a good girl.

“The day she visited the man in Lagos, she told me when she was going. But she called me after three days she had been with Obesere and I told her we would be having a meeting at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, concerning the distributorship of the rice and she came there.

“After the meeting, we both left Lagos for my shop in Ibadan.  She didn’t make any complaint to me.  We went home that same day. We slept together on the same bed, even with her little daughter, Folawe.  But to my surprise, Alhaji called me the following day that Nike complained she was bleeding.  Even my cook was listening when I was interrogating her. I had to invite her to my room and appealed to her to tell me exactly what was happening.  She said the same thing.  I now asked her to remove the pad she said she was using to absorb the blood.  When she removed it, there wasn’t any blood stain at all.  She later confessed to me that she wanted to dupe Alhaji. She pleaded that I should conspire with her so that we could make about N5 million or N10m from Obesere, which I turned down.  That was the reason I sent her packing with her daughter.

Immediately, I called Obesere back and told him what happened. He was also surprised.  Had it been something was wrong with her, she should have told me first, not Obesere.  I should have even taken her to hospital for treatment.  Every sensible human being will know that Nike is lying.

“Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere has been a very nice man to me and everybody around him.  He has helped a lot of people.  He has even introduced me to a woman who gave me goods worth N10m, which I paid back at my convenience which Nike is also aware of.  I believe God will judge her.  Obesere is already vindicated.  She can’t destroy the image he has built over the years.”

Asked whether she was also at Panti, she said, “Yes, I was in Panti and I wrote a statement also.  When I testified against Nike, why didn’t she tell the police I was lying?  She couldn’t say a word.  She didn’t know the matter will get to that level.”

Also probed on when and how she met Nike Olaiya, Omo Owo explained, “I knew her about five years ago. And when I met her, she wasn’t a bad girl. She explained everything about herself to me, and I had to pity her because I am also a mother.  I never knew she had joined a bad gang.  She told me her parents live in Festac Town, Lagos, but each time I asked her to take me to them, she would always give me one excuse or the other why we couldn’t go.  Even when this case happened, the address she gave the police was fake.  Olanike is not even her real name.  I learnt that she is Morenike Kikelomo Giwa but once married to one Olaiya.  She is from Shagamu, Ogun State.  I am from Ibadan, Oyo State.  She used to come to my shop, and later she took me as her mother.  She told me she is into computer business.  That’s why I thought she was a responsible girl. When I chased her out, she left her daughter with me but I told her I will take the child to the police station if she doesn’t take her, that’s why she picked the girl.

“I think when she couldn’t succeed in duping Alhaji, that’s why she accused him of raping her. She is a blatant liar.”

Also, on Saturday, March 15, 2014, ENCOMIUM Weekly got across to Olaiya on the issue.  She said she has handed over the matter to God.  “I have decided not to talk on this matter or grant any interview on it at all. But I had to respect you because of the way you introduced yourself to me.  First, I visited Obesere for business purpose. That first day, both Obesere and Alhaja Omo Owo were monitoring me on phone, not knowing they had their evil intention.  And immediately I got to Lagos, I told her that I was in Obesere’s house.  It’s true I cooked for him and I made myself free because I thought I was in the right place because of the trust I had in the woman that introduced me to him.  In the night, he came to me and demanded sex.  I was now wondering how a whole Obesere would be begging me for sex despite his status.  I told him I couldn’t do that. I even pleaded with the name of God but he insisted.

“Despite being clever, I fell that night. He raped me. Not only that, he also inserted a ring in my private part, that’s why I started bleeding.  Even as I speak to you now, I just stopped bleeding.  I am not okay yet.  But I thank God that their plan to sacrifice me for wealth had failed.  That woman in particular would go to jail, unless I am lying against them.  She is a wicked woman.  And at times I give her money when she is broke.  I am not a dubious person, I don’t do any shady business.  I deal in office equipment.”

Probed further on why she has gone under and why she refused to appear for further investigations at Adekunle Police Station, Panti, Yaba, Lagos, she explained, “Don’t mind them, they knew what they did to me. They begged me to forget everything but I refused.  I also refused to go to Panti again because I suspected that the man handling the case is Obesere’s friend.  All I know is that the truth shall prevail. But I thank God I am alive.  God will judge the three of us.”

On Sunday, March 16, 2014, we sought Alhaja Omo Owo’s reaction to some of the issues raised by Olaiya, she said, “It’s only a fool that will believe what she is saying.  She said she gives me money at times, ask her how much does she have herself.  Hope she didn’t tell you I live in a rented apartment?  I don’t want to sound arrogant, I built the house I live myself and it took me about 20 years before I completed it.  Had it been I am a dubious human being like her, may be it couldn’t have taken me that long before finishing the house. I am a businesswoman, my shop, Omo Owo Ventures is on Iwo Road, Ibadan. I deal in rice, Semovita, groundnut oil and others.  Nike said she sells computer, you should have asked where her office is.  She is just blabbing.  My first born is in the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, about to graduate.  So, who is feeding who between me and Nike?”


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