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Obesere’s rape mess: ‘Accuser, Nike Olaoye is after me’

-Key witness, Bola Omoowo cries

-‘Her evil is haunting her’- Nike Olaoye

coverTHE controversy trailing the rape allegation leveled against popular fuji act, Alhaji Abass Akande, otherwise known as Obesere, by one Olanike Olaiya, has developed a new dimension, ENCOMIUM Weekly can reveal authoritatively.

The key witness in the messy rape scandal, Alhaja Bola Omo Owo of Omo Owo Ventures fame, Ibadan, Oyo State, has raised the alarm that the accuser, Olaiya, is threatening her life, warning her to withdraw from the matter as it may eventually consume her and her children.

She told ENCOMIUM Weekly this while speaking with us on Saturday, April 5, 2014.  According to the Ibadan, Oyo State based businesswoman, the 29 year-old Olaiya has been sending threat text messages to her since the release of Obesere Rape Scandal, the VCD where she spoke in support of the famous musician.

“Nike is threatening me day and night now over the case between herself and Obesere.  She has sent well over 40 text messages to my phone, cursing and abusing me and my family.  She even said she would make sure I am dealt with spiritually and physically.

“All Nigerians should please help me, I don’t want to die now.  My children are still young. But I believe strongly that nothing will happen to me and my children so far I am on the path of truth, no matter her threat.  Whatever she wishes me and my children is back to sender.”

Asked if she had reported the matter to the police, she said, “Yes, and I have been advised not to delete all the messages.  Very soon, I believe Nike will be fished out wherever she may be hiding.”

Reacting to the allegation on Sunday, April 6, 2014, Olaiya said, “Leave Alhaja Omo Owo alone, it’s her evil that’s hunting her.  She and Obesere understand what they did, that’s why she is crying up and down.  She is the one that will die not me.  And nobody will kill her but her handiwork.  Obesere himself begged me over the matter but I said no.  Both of them had sent many people to appeal to me but I refused because they want to cheat me.  Alhaja Omo Owo is just blabbing.  It’s true I sent some messages to her based on the role she played in the case, which to me was hypocritical.  Omo Owo is a liar.  She knows the truth but she is just pretending because Obesere has settled her.  That’s why she is misleading the public by her false witness against me.  I can’t trust the police investigation of the matter because I suspected that the man handling the matter in Panti is Obesere’s friend.

“Concerning the text messages, yes I did but she also replied some of the messages. I still have them on my phone but I will make everything public later. I decided to send her the SMS when she was calling me repeatedly to forget the issue.  I can’t kill her, I only let her know that the evil she has done now and in the past would kill her one day.”

Asked to comment on when she would show up at the police station for the concluding part of the investigation, she still insisted, “Not now.  Let them continue making noise.  When it’s the right time, we shall all meet at the right place.”

Also probed if she is truly a divorcee, she said, “Yes, I am.  My marriage has crashed but I have a kid.”

However, the Lagos State Police Command, via its spokesperson, DSP Ngozi Braide has declared Omo Rapala, as Obesere is also known, innocent based on investigations.  Although, she told ENCOMIUM Weekly that the matter is yet to be concluded as investigation still continues, with the facts gathered so far, Olaiya’s allegations were all premised on falsehood.

On Friday, April 4, 2014, when we called on DSP Braide to know if there is any development on the case, she said, “Nothing yet for now.  I will definitely keep you posted if there is anything new about the matter.  But as I speak with you, Nike’s whereabouts is still unknown.”


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