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Obesere’s son, Olalekan Akande floats record label

Olalekan Akande is the first son of popular fuji maestro, Abass Obesere. The dark dude is an undergraduate of Online Marketing. Olalekan, who is based in Dublin, Ireland, recently unveiled his record label, R’Entertainment.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him, where he told us about his record label, the artiste signed to it and more.


How would you describe life in Dublin, Ireland?

It was not quite easy, but with prayer and God on my side, everything went smoothly. Things are about to happen. We are about to do great stuff.

How did you start music?

I started music in a nightclub. I used to host every Friday night in a club called Academy Over in Dublin. After a while, I said to myself, if I run a nightclub, I could do it like industry night as well and I thought of picking an artiste in Dublin and see if we could work together. Along the line, I picked Beezy. We started working together and things began to make a lot of sense.

I started to think outside the box about not just running a nightclub but having my own artiste.

How does it feel now that you own a record label in Nigeria?

It feels good. It feels great. A lot of things are happening. By the time we get closer, I imagine how it will feel. It’s a great movement and we are happy with the way things are going.

How challenging was it setting up a record label?

It was not that challenging for me because in Dublin everybody knows me. It’s like I had people there already supporting me. With that kind of support, everything went as expected. Nigeria is the main place. We have to work hard, and hopefully everything would work out by God’s grace.

Tell us about the artistes signed to your record label?

I have three of them but one is still in Dublin, while two are here. Beezy does Yoruba rap music and Sajan is an afro-pop artiste and we are trying to work hard to make things happen.

One would expect you would follow the footstep of your dad, why record label and not music?

That’s what everybody is saying. Fuji is in the family. My great grandfather was a singer, my dad and his brothers do fuji, I need to think outside the box. I like to tow the same line, but I will like to do things my own way.

What else do you do aside music?

I study online marketing. I am in my final year. When I’m through with school, I will move back to Nigeria.

How does it feel to be Obesere’s son?

It feels good. That’s all I can say.

How supportive is your dad towards your music career?

He gave me 100 percent support. I showed him my movement. Since he became part of the movement, things are cool.

Tell us the name of your record label and what Nigerians should expect from your stable?

From R’Entertainment, Nigerian music lovers should watch out for great stuff. We can’t say this is what differentiates us from others, but with time, you will single us out. Music entertainment in Nigeria is doing great.


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