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Odunmbaku debunks wife’s adultery tale

CARDINAL James Omoliya Odunmbaku, a.k.a Baba Eto, the Vice Chairman of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Lagos chapter, has given his wife, Mrs. Similola Odunmbaku a clean bill of health over the story we carried last week captioned, ODUNMBAKU’S WIFE, SIMILOLA DENIES ADULTERY MESS.  In a no holds barred interview with the self-acclaimed Prophet of The Most High in Nazareth, the political juggernaut exonerated his wife of infidelity and immorality as reported in the story.  The gentleman took time to put his political achievements in Lagos in the right perspective and much more.


Sir, we are sorry for some of the things we wrote about you concerning politics.

And my wife.

No sir, because we asked your wife.

No, no you didn’t ask my wife, you didn’t see her either.  It was on text and she replied you also on text.

Yes, I called her and she texted us to say we should text her that she was at an event.

And you did and she replied you and she sent the reply to me. Is the reply the same thing that is here (in the story).

Yes, that is what we wrote.

And she admitted she had an affair with the man?

We didn’t say so.

That is what you said here.

No, we said it was alleged that she was having an affair with the man and that when we text her as she asked us to do, this is what she said to us.

You are not a perfect journalist, you are a quack.  I want it recorded like that.  I accept your apology for the political comment. But I still want you to say sorry on the issue of my wife.  Even if you asked my wife, did you call me.  My wife is married to me, if you ask my wife and you did not ask me then, your story is not balanced.  Even what you wrote about my political activities is your perception, which is wrong.

That is why I offered my apology.

I have told Mr. Bakare that you don’t have to argue with me.

I am not arguing with you Sir.

Mo ti poju fun e lati argue pelu mi (I am too much for you to argue with me).  So, please go ahead to accept what I am saying and I want it to be reported verbatim.

No, I cannot accept everything.

Everything we are saying here is being recorded.  If you don’t write it as I said, I will publish it myself.  So, your question.

As concerning politics of Lagos, we heard that in the last local government elections your protégés that you wanted to become LG chairmen did not succeed.  For instance, we learnt that the former secretary to the Ojodu LCDA is your candidate and you wanted him to become the chairman of the LCDA, but unfortunately it was the former vice chairman that eventually became the chairman of the LCDA.

You don’t know what you are talking about at all because you are not a politician.  All the candidates in Lagos as far as we are concerned are under the chairmanship of Otunba Henry Ajomale, under Henry Ajomale.  There are three vice chairmen.  Myself, Cardinal James Odunmbaku for Lagos West senatorial district, for the East senatorial district, the Vice chairman is Bamu Elepo, Alhaji Seriki.  For Central senatorial district, the vice chairman is Amigo, Chief Adeseye.  We also have Alhaji Sunmola, who is the deputy chairman of the party.  Above all, there is our national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Nobody can claim that a particular candidate is his friend and so he must be chairman.  So, it is a party affair.  Where did you get your story that because I sponsored some people and they did not win, that is why I am aggrieved?  You are a novice or you are a PDP man who wants to smear the good name of Action Congress of Nigeria and its achievements in Lagos State.  That is why you wrote all you wrote.  I demand an apology, public apology for that because you have turned a journalist-politician.  What you don’t know is what you are writing about.  Even if you heard, your duty is to cross-check from the man who is a notable figure in Lagos State.  You did not cross-check and you wrote it, mixing it with my matrimonial affair which you did not care to ask me again.  I take that as an affront.

I apologise for mixing politics with the real issue and also not making effort to get in touch with you. I am very sorry about that sir.

Thank you very much.  Please, have your seat. Let us go to the second question.

We got a gist that Mr. Olu Otubu, your former P.A who is also a supervisory councilor at Agege Local Government Council is having an affair with your wife (Mrs. Simisola Odunmbaku).  That at a social event they attended together in Akure, they slept in the same room.

Doo you know that before my wife left, I gave three of them, Yomi Tijani, his aunty who is also a supervisory councilor in Agege (LG) and my wife, N50,000 each for hotel accommodation.  I felt it would be too strenuous for them to come back to Lagos after the party.  So, I gave them the extra money for the hotel accommodation and fuel.  They were already at Ogere when they called me that they were on the way to Lagos.  They were in hold-up at Ogere when they called me and I said a joke that since they are coming back to Lagos they should not forget to refund the money I gave them for hotel accommodation.  When they eventually arrived they met me here (at Cardinal’s residence at Ojodu) that night.  How can somebody now say they slept in Akure?  Again, because you did not ask, I have never seen this type of journalism.  Yes, you have a good story that will sell your paper, there is no problem about that, but you must contact those concerned.  Like you sent a text, you could even ask them like your boss, Bakare asked me for an interview.  As an aggrieved husband who wants his name to be in the paper then I will say come for an interview for my own version of the story.  You will compare with the one you have and you can blow it out.  But you didn’t come, you just wrote that my wife went to Akure.  That is an insult on me. I am a Cardinal for God’s sake and a notable politician in the South West not only in Lagos.  Again, you faulted, any response to that?

Yes, I faulted because I did not call you.

No, you faulted because they did not sleep in Akure.  The woman came back to me and I demanded the refund of the N50,000 that I gave them.  Haba!  Why must I lie to you?  Ask the celebrant, she is downstairs.  She is one of my staff.

The Akure story was just part of the story that the affair between the two had been going on before they went to Akure, and that it was the Akure issue that some people saw and felt that the affair was becoming too much.  Maybe the person who gave us the information did not get the correct relationship.

Good and that is why you should have asked me. Baba, we learnt that your wife is sleeping with a man at Akure, I will say haba! That would have been corrected but you didn’t, you went to press with the wrong information.

On the fact that I didn’t call you, I am very sorry again.

You didn’t call me. I have about five numbers.

I didn’t have any of your numbers.

You would have asked ko si ibi to de ni gbogbo Eko yi to bere Baba Eto (There is nowhere you get to in the whole of Lagos that if you ask for Baba Eto), you can go to Acme (Street, Ogba), our secretariat or Facebook.  Bibeli so wipe ki a wa idi ohun gbogbo daju daju ki a si di otito mu. Nitori wipe otito ni ngbe ni’leke (the Bible says we should investigate issues thoroughly and hold on to the truth because the truth exalts us).  You did not clear with me.  If you come here as my son and ask me, o le gbo 1001 (you can hear 1001), se bi won so wipe Bola Tinubu o lo is ilu oyinbo.  Pe bo ti lo yen o ti ro lapa ro lese (Didn’t they say Bola Tinubu went abroad.  That he was crippled).  Se o ro lapa ro lese (is he crippled?).  Se bi eniyan kan lo lo si Oshodi-Isolo (LG), o lo announce pe ohun ti o fa ija larin Bola Tinubu ati Odunmbaku ni N50 million (Didn’t somebody go to Oshodi-Isolo (LG) to announce that the cause of conflict between Odunmbaku and Bola Tinubu is N50 million?)

Mo ni aha, se o ta oja fun mi abi mo ta oja fun oga mi ni (Did he sell anything to me or did I sell anything to him?)  They left that and said that I was afflicted with strange ailment that I was bedridden for days.  Many people came to my house and met me hale and hearty.  You just heard a story and you went to press without calling me.  Orun o fi oju rere wo iru e (the heaven does not approve such).  I am a prophet of the Most High in Nazareth. Obe o kan irun mi lati ojo ta ti bi mi (Razor blade has not touched my head since I was born).  I have received numerous calls about this.  Cardinal, what is this?  And look at the headline, Odunmbaku’s wife, Similola denies adultery mess.  You didn’t ask me.  You didn’t call me.  I am a known figure. I am a popular person.  And it is not my making, it is God’s making.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, March 06, 2012

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