Office romance leads no where

Despite all the tales about the dangers of office romance, countless employees wind up in relationship with co-workers every year. As you might expect, when two people try to maintain both a business and emotional relationship while spending virtually every working hour together and keeping the whole thing a secret could be dangerous.

ENCOMIUM Weekly on Wednesday, June 23, 2016, sought the opinion of the public if office relationship could lead to marriage or unemployment and this is what they have to say.



Officer relationship is not the best because both parties would end up regretting it if it does not work out and it may result to dirty fight and that is when the unemployment comes in.



No, it deosn’t because it is a waste of time. There is a saying that you cannot defecate where you eat. That is a very dirty habit and anybody involved in it should desist because nothing good can come out of it.



Yes, it does. Sometimes these relationship issue materializes by luck. If the girl is lucky and the boy is faithful and the relationship is not based on what both of them stand to gain, then it could yield a positive result.



It can never lead to marriage because the boy or the girl would be distracted. They will not be able to concentrate fully on the job. They will want to hang around each other during office hours which will cost them their jobs. So, it is not advisable.



Yes, it does, depending on the kind of understanding the couple have for themselves. If both of them understand that the office environment is very different from any other place, then it will lead to marriage. First, they have to give themselves breathing space when they are in the office.

They don’t have to send romantic text during office hours. That is why understanding is the key to a lasting relationship.



No, it is not even advisable because there are so many dangers in keeping an office relationship. Especially when things are not working again. Initially, it is always rosy but at the end when things are not working out, it becomes a topic for others in the office.

The boy or girl will still have to maintain a professional relationship with the person, that is the most brutal heartbreak one can have.



No, it is not a good thing at all; working in same place and dating. Both of them will only get messed up at the end of the day.



No, it is not advisable because one of them or both of them will lose his job when the company gets to know about it. So, the best is to stay focused and keep alive your relationship thing outside the office.



It can lead to marriage if both of them are matured enough to understand the rules binding office relationship but if they are not, things will go sour. I have seen people dating in the office and it led to marriage.



No, it is something people should not do. The office environment should be respected. That is why it is a working place because the guy and the girl stand to lose a lot of concentration at work as they get intimate with themselves just like the one that happened in my office.

A junior staff was dating my boss but things stopped working between them and the junior staff had to report to my boss which the guy was so ashamed of because the woman started using him like an errand boy. It resulted to a big fight and the boy had to leave. So, the best thing to do is to avoid it.



Office romance does not lead to marriage. Don’t be deceived by all these sex mongers, rather it will cost you your job because no boss will want to have a staff that is distracted and not up to the task given to him or her. So, the best is total concentration.



It doesn’t lead to marriage and might cost you your job too that is if it gets bad. If you eventually get married to the person, someone has to resign for the other to stay. So, for me, basically I will say it is based on understanding and also luck has a role to play too.



It depends, that is why it is advisable to define every relationship before going into it so both of them will know what they are involved in. If it is for just sex or something serious they would know what both of them are getting involved in so if one fails to comply, it does not affect anyone, they will just move on like nothing happened.



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