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Office romance leads nowhere (2)

Despite all the tales about the dangers of office romance, countless employees wind up in relationship with co-workers every year. As you might expect, when two people try to maintain both a business and emotional relationship while spending virtually every working hour together and keeping the whole thing a secret could be dangerous.

ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, July 22, 2016, sought the opinion of the public if office relationship could lead to marriage or unemployment and this is what they said.


OLATIMILEHIN FOLALOLU – Yes, it could. Let me use myself as an example. I met my wife when she came for her computer training and fortunately, I was the person who taught her. Along the line, I asked her out and she agreed and then we got married. So, it is a 50/50 chance but not all leads to marriage.


OLASUKANMI KELVIN – It does not necessarily lead to marriage. It could happen and it may not. We have some people who met in the office, dated and have done all the necessary things only to find out that they are both deceiving themselves. I will say three percent of office romance has worked, the rest ends at the door of the office but we cannot write it off totally because it is a thing of luck.


GRACE AKINBINU – No, it does not lead to marriage because people tend to forget their aim of coming to work. If they have the desire to work, they will concentrate on their job and leave romance out but when they forget their objective towards the job then they will bring romance into the office.


BABAYEMI DAMI – Sometimes it does depending on how serious they can be but most often, people just want to play away with office romance, so they can add to the list of girls they have slept with but still there are some that have dignity and want to settle down but they are rare to find.


SUSAN IDOWU – No, it does not, it is a waste of time because both of them will end up using and dumping themselves. To me I see it as a child’s play and I will not advice anybody to get involved in it.


ONI ADEOLA – I will not write it off entirely, neither will I say it is impossible. It is between two consenting adults, anything can happen, if they agree that it should happen. It is a matter of choice so, it depends on who and who is involved.


OGUNMOKUN SHOLA –   Yes, it does. I have seen a couple that met in the office and are married. They were co-workers in a bank and they are happily married today but the wife had to stop working so the husband can keep his job.


FABOWALE OLORUNFEMI – Yes, office romance leads to marriage. Like me now, I met my wife during working hours, we used to be teachers in the same school and we started dating. At first, I was not expecting much but along the line, we got too serious and that was when I knew she was going to be my final bus stop.


ASHIRU TOBI – No, it does not lead to marriage, the boy only wants to keep the lady as his sex mate. And at the end of the day the young man will continue with the next available girl. I am totally against it and I see it as a total waste of time.


FUNMILOLA STEPHEN – Yes, it does. Dating or courting is a game of luck because you can date outside your office and it will lead to nowhere and you can date in the office and it will lead to somewhere, so we cannot judge.


MRS. OKUNADE JOLA – Yes, it leads to marriage. I am a living testimony and my marriage is blessed and favoured with three children. So, it really works if you know what you want and what you are looking for because it takes only the serious and responsible mind to think of settling down. That is why I advice ladies to always know what they want from a man, tell the man to define and redefine the relationship before going into it.


PRECIOUS OLORUNFUNMILAYO – Yes, office romance can lead to marriage and it cannot. Same as dating someone outside the office cannot also lead to marriage. It all depends on what both the husband and wife wants.


PRISCILLA CHINEMEREM – No, it does not, they are only deceiving themselves. There was one that happened in my office and till tomorrow, everyone still refers to it because of the way it ended.


JOHN CHUKUMA – It does not lead to marriage except the boy wants to chop and clean mouth because there is a proverb that says you cannot chop where you shit. So, you cannot be determined to work and bring extra-curricular activities to it, it will never work. Either the boy or the girl will begin to lose concentration and at the end one of them will have to lose his job.

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