Ogun Alerts Residents Over Possible Flooding

Following the prediction of the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA), of likely occurrence of flood in 35 states of the Federation, the Ogun State government has advised residents along the banks of River Ogun and other flood-prone areas to be prepared to move to safer areas.

Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Bolaji Oyeleye, in a statement issued yesterday, stated that there would be flooding in eight major rivers across the country, including Ogun River, adding that Ogun State is expected to witness above normal rainfall, which could lead to severe flooding.

“It is in the best interest of residents living in flood prone areas, particularly along the Ogun River, to be ready to move to safer grounds to forestall loss of lives and property’’, he said.

To mitigate the effect of the predicted flooding therefore, residents were advised to imbibe good environmental practices, such as desisting from erecting buildings on flood plains, de-silting drainage channels and to desist from dumping refuse in waterways.

Oyeleye added that the government remains  committed to ensuring that the people of the state have an environment that is safe and conducive for living and for business to thrive.

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