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Oil bunker’s discovery in Abule Egba paralyses business activities at Social Club

Social Club Road, Abule Egba, Lagos where 

An illegal oil bunker discovered on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, is still under heavy security watch as men of OP MESA are still visibly on parade and part of the road barricaded as at this morning ( Thursday, October %) when visited the spot of the illegal activity.

The incident has affected business activities at Social Club known for uninterrupted relaxation by revellers from far and near. As at 10 pm yesterday, October 4, 2017, when we checked at the fun spot, the whole place which has just started bubbling was like a cemetery of a sort as it was deserted with just skeletal services going on. Even the few prostitutes were just sighted standing aloof as fierce-looking security men flooded the street.
Two tankers are still being impounded. We learnt their owners are still at large while some arrests have also been made, including the manager, workers and other suspects who are still being interrogated. The owner of the hotel whose identity is still unknown is also said to have fled the vicinity.
A neighbour who spoke to on the occurrence under the condition of anonymity gave an account of how the illegal operation was foiled by men of the Nigerian Navy who we learnt stormed the hotel on a tip-off.
“Yes, I learnt the security men, including naval and army officers, came and disguised as customers. They were there watching how people were coming in with kegs while different people were also coming in and going out. Before they knew it, more security operatives have sealed the place. And they rounded up everybody in the hotel. There was a serious pandemonium throughout. It all started early in the morning yesterday. I also learnt some tanker drivers were arrested inclusive while some escaped. I think those that escaped are the owners of the impounded tankers.
“I learnt almost all the water tanks mounted in the hotel are always filled with petrol and that the there are three pipes constructed within the hotel purposely for tankers. I heard that’s where they load every night until the bubble burst yesterday. Everybody on this road now is moving in fear for fear of being harassed by security men.”
One of the restaurant owners at Social Club who simply described himself as Mike lamented poor patronage on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, as most customers failed to turn up due to the incident.
“We all didn’t know the incident would affect patronage to this level until we got here this evening and noticed that many people didn’t  even show up at all. A lot of people are afraid of being raided because the hotel is just there opposite Water Gate Hotel. Before everything can bounce back, it will take some few days. Even, you can’t see all these girls standing on the road anyhow now. Everybody is just being careful now. I may not even open tomorrow if the tension had not gone down.”

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