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Olajumoke Orisaguna exclusive: ‘I met with Jumoke and realized she was a beautiful person inside and out’- Bolaji Fawehinmi, Few Model management director

‘I met with Jumoke and realized she was a beautiful person inside and out’- Bolaji Fawehinmi,  Few Model management direcWith a number of modelling agencies queuing up to bag the signature of the most sought-after beauty, Olajumoke Orisaguna, Few Model Management jumped in front of the line and now have her under its management.

The modelling agency in just one year has grown to become one of the most recognisable brands in the modelling industry. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the outfit’s founder and model, Bolaji Fawehinmi and

she spoke on what made her sign Jumoke on, plus what business has been like one year in.


You recently clocked one year, how does that feel?

Honestly I am extremely happy with what we have achieved so far, it’s been har4dwork and the special grace of God. I am grateful.

In just one year, you’ve become one of the most recognizable modelling agencies in the country, how did you pull that off?

It’s been proper planning and management on both my part and my management staff as well as focus, drive and proper determination to excel and be the best.

What has been the highpoint of switching from a model to an entrepreneur for you?

Honestly, the highpoint(s) would be just knowing that I am doing the best I can and being successful at it because it’s not just now, other models signed to my agency look to me for proper guidance. That alone is one of my high points.

What are some of the biggest jobs you’ve handled or featured in the last one year?

To me every job is big, no matter what the pay is, it still comes with a little bit of exposure for us which plus for Few Model management.

How many models are currently signed to your agency?

Right now, I have up to 50 models.

How do you spot your talents and what do you look out for?

It’s a difficult process because everyone is beautiful in their own way, my job is to look for the ones that are exceptional and unique looking. Then I groom them to be proper models.

You recently signed Olajumoke Orisaguna on, that’s a big coup. How did that come about?

I got a call from a prominent photographer to meet with Jumoke and I met with Jumoke and I realized that she was a beautiful person inside and out and I signed her.

What qualities of hers appealed to you?

Everything about Jumoke is amazing, what’s not to like.

What are the plans you have for her?

Honestly, I have so many plans but the sole aim of Few Model Management is making sure that she has a bright future for both herself and her family.

What’s the next step for Few Modelling Agency?

The next step for us would still be to book more jobs for the models and to also get proper international recognition.


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