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Olajumoke Orisaguna’s lorry load of goodies: ‘Modelling is not lucrative in Nigeria’ –Models

Olajumoke’s story has gotten so much buzz over the past few weeks and it has gotten people to wonder just how well her new lifestyle will suit and sustain her and her family even after the buzz has died down. She was signed to modelling agency, FEW Models and she got a deal with Payporte to be the face of their brand.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with a few top models in Nigeria to know how modelling works in Nigeria and just how much money they make…


The modelling industry needs to be made more lucrative’


How does modelling work in Nigeria?

We have the ushering models, TV commercial and runway models. Models get jobs through their personal managers or via modelling agencies.

How easy is it to get modelling jobs?

It is not easy but if you have the right connection or move with the right circle or clique, you are more likely to get good modelling deals. Models who are friendly and relate easily with people also get jobs easily.

How lucrative is modelling in Nigeria?

Runway models don’t make so much money in Nigeria. It is TV commercials and billboard models that make more money. I believe runway models should make more money, but they don’t.

Runway events don’t take place every day. It is once in a while and they get about N10,000 per runway show.

Billboard and television commercial models get between N150,000 and N200,000. The modelling industry needs to be made more lucrative.


‘It is not easy to get jobs’ -AYO ANJORIN

How does modelling work in Nigeria?

Modelling in Nigeria is quite stressful and it is not easy to break forth in the modelling industry. Models are not appreciated in Nigeria.

How can models make more money in Nigeria?

If a model is focused and determined he/she will make more money. She must be good at modelling, TV commercial or advert modelling.

How lucrative is modelling deals in Nigeria?

It is not easy to get jobs. For a model to get jobs in Nigeria, the model must have her ears on the ground and listen to the latest news or gossip in town to know if any gig will be organized, or be under an agency that will help source for jobs. Being a freelance model is not easy. You have to listen and make a lot of friends and attend social gatherings.

How easy is it for Nigerian models to bag international deals?

This is also not easy. It is models who are signed to agencies that can get such international deals. Models are now going places. We build up contracts and interact with people. The amount models get for runway shows depend on the organizer and you get paid according to the event.

Runway models can make up to N60,000.



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