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Olajumoke Orisaguna’s mother, brother talk about her new life in Lagos

Ever since things turned around for the Iree, Osun born bread hawker, Olajumoke Orisaguna, she has remained one of the most talked about Nigerians as her name rings a bell often. The lucky mother of two children started singing a new song early this year when she photo bombed inspirational singer, T.Y Bello’s photo shoot. A lot of gifts including a 5 year free stay in a 3 bedroom apartment, from Sujimoto Construction Ltd., a modeling contract, scholarship for her children up to university level, several endorsements (from Stanbic IBTC, Pay-porte, Shirley’s Bakery, Biobak Restaurant) to mention a few have been showered upon her. ENCOMIUM Weekly was again at her homestead, Iree, Osun State to speak to her family and mentor on her new life. These are what they said…


‘I’m happy she’ll further her education’


1-Fullscreen capture 6242016 42410 PMHas anyone gone to see her in Lagos?

Yes, I visited her about two months ago.

Does she call you, send you money or gift items?

Yes, and we call each other often. She always sends money to me.

Do you know that she has moved to her new apartment with her family?

Yes, I know. She always tells me about her movements. Even when she started her new school, I was told.

How do you feel about that?

I feel so great and I’m very happy that at last she would further her education.

Would you say you miss her?

Yes and No. Reason for my no response is that she is very okay where she is and we communicate everyday.

What is your prayer for her?

My prayer for her is  that God should continue to be her guide, and she will never lack anything good.

What is your advice for her?

My advise is that she should not change and should continue to be godly, because anybody that has God has everything.


‘Her room is still very much intact’


1-DSC_0453-001-186x300Have you gone to see her in Lagos?

I don’t have time for that but we talk on phone.

Have you rented her room and shop out?

There is no way I could have done that, since they will still come to Iree once in a while for one thing or the other. So, her room is still very much intact and there is no plan to rent it out.

Are you aware that she has moved into her new apartment  in Lagos?

Yes, I am aware of that. She told me on  phone.

Would you say you miss her?

Yes,  I miss her.

What are your prayers for them?

God should not separate them. God should guide them as they go about their work.


‘She’s generous to me’


1-DSC_0433-213x300Do you hear from your sister?

Yes, we talk on phone when she calls my mom.

Does she send you money or gift items?

Yes, especially when my mother visited her in Lagos, she sent some things to me.

Will you say you are missing her?

Yes, I am missing her because she was very kind to me when she was around, but now that she is in Lagos, I miss her a lot.

What is your prayer for her?

I pray that  God’s protection will be on her and she should continue to be successful.


‘I miss her so much’ -LAWAL RASHEEDAT, MENTOR

1-DSC_0421-181x300Do you hear from her?

Yes, she calls me and I call her too. Even when her mom visited her in Lagos, she called to inform me about her mom’s visitation.

Would you say you miss her?

Yes of course, she is a nice and kind girl. She is of good behaviour. Why won’t I miss her? I miss her so much.

What is your prayer for her?

God should continue to protect and guide them.



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