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Olajumoke would be back hawking if she stayed with FEW modeling agency – Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo, the outspoken daughter of Dr. Victor Omololu Olunloyo, a former governor of Oyo State,  says she is vindicated by Olajumoke’s exit from Bolaji Fawehinmi’s FEW modeling agency.

The media personality had apparently Tweeted about three months back that the deal with FEW wasn’t right for the celebrated hawker turned model and she was quick to remind all that she predicted it after Olajumoke walked out of the deal.

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Kemi wrote on her Instagram, “Breadseller dumps modeling agency: Money hungry exploitation bastards. Olajumoke the bread seller model has dumped her modeling agency Few Models inc. Her lawyer told me media last week that all the deals they claimed to get her were FAKE and described them as “incompetent”. I predicted this in tweets 3 months ago.”


Last week, Olajumoke exclusively told via her lawyer that she left FEW modeling agency because they weren’t adding value to her hence her decision to terminate her contract with them.

Olajukoke has since joined Beth modeling agency owned by Elohor Aisien as reported by . “Beth is one of the leading modeling agencies in Nigeria right now. They have done international competitions, that is the kind of platform we want for Olajumoke. She needs to maximize the momentum her popularity has gotten her,” her lawyer, Barrister Yomi Adesayoju added.

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