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Olajumoke’s drab fashion sense changes to presentable

There was no way she could have done anything about it, even if she struggled. Olajumoke Orisaguna and her aluminum doors and windows installer husband  (Sunday) have four mouths to feed. Dressing well was far from their hierarchy of needs.

The hairstylist from Iree who hawked Agege bread and butter in Lagos just covered her frame with the cheapest clothes she could find.  With N300 to N700 daily  gross profit, fanciful duds didn’t interest her.

On the day she photo bombed TY Bello’s shoot of Tinie Tempah, she had on a white and red gown with floral motifs around the neck, and colourful tights. Bathroom slippers, those cheap flip flops, decorated her dirty feet.

Her wardrobe was a bag full of cheap and ordinary clothes.

But with the fame and fortune came an avalanche of gift of clothes.

From Divine Endowments to Agbani Darego to Dyzn, beautiful and presentable attires landed on her laps. And with training at Poise Nigeria  (owned by Mrs. Mavis Isibor), she learnt grooming and etiquette, and more than enough to carry herself well.

With her initial modelling contract with Bolaji Fawehinmi’s FEW and later Elohor Aisien’s Beth Modelling Agency, she was taught how to catwalk and the rudiments of modelling.

The photo-shoots the 28 year old mother of two children has undertaken have shown us how extraordinary we all can look with care and attention and money.

The naturally graceful lady is now a damsel to serenade…



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