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‘Why I named it The Bomb’

Patrick Omeje East famously known as Olu Patoo has explained the reasons for opening a multi-million naira bar-lounge at Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos. The bar, called The Bomb, has been receiving massive patronage since it was opened February 14, 2014. Celebrities in the mainland see it as an alternative fun spot.

“There is everything here. Entertainment, fun, drinks, everything. Why should I go to the Island when what I am looking for at the Island is right here”, one of the celebrities told ENCOMIUM Weekly during one of their special night events.

We reliably gathered that activities slated for fun-seekers include celebrating unsung heroes, high life night, among others.

The man behind the bar spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly…



Patrick Omeje East

When I left Nigeria for overseas in 1998, I got inspired by what I saw. Every day, I was always in the club, because I love having fun, listening to good music. One day, my friend called me and said, why not go into bar business, because I noticed that’s your calling?

So, I started thinking about it, and later decided to start. Before then, however, I was into furniture, I do interior, and my office is located in Abuja. That’s how I started the lounge business and today, I’m grateful to God, because I have more than one bar/lounge across Nigeria.

Why the name, The Bomb?

Before now, a lot of people called me Olu, the Bomb. Most people, including my friends think I am Yoruba. One day, a woman called me Olu, probably because of my look. Since then, I decided to stick to the name. So, when it was time to name this bar, I chose Olu, The Bomb.

The meaning of The Bomb is that anytime I enter the club, I put people on fire, because  I am a lovely and fun person. They believe that when I open my club, people will definitely come.

Apart from this, do you have other clubs?

At the moment, I have a lounge and suite at Kubwa, Abuja.  I had another club in London called Skull, but shut it down because of some issues. God has been wonderful.  I am very happy and excited. We are already there.

What does it take to put all these in place?

I acquired the property five years ago, so the value at which I got it then cannot be compared to how much you’ll get it now. I don’t want to go into that, but when you come here, you’ll definitely know that money has been spent.

Apart from the drinks, every other thing you see here, including the furniture are all imported. We did it, because I want the best, I want to do something unique and different.

How affordable are your services?

First, let me tell you that I don’t copy people, but I know many copy me. If you have seen what we are doing here, you’ll see that it’s absolutely unique, different from people converting their bar to club, and all that. In essence, I’m trying to justify why this place is the best, yet the services, everything here, is for the poor and the rich.

How far have you gone in ensuring security of lives and property?

We’ve spent a lot, to ensure maximum security of lives and property. We’re working with the Nigeria Police. We also have internal means of ensuring lives and property are protected. How we achieve it is left to us because telling you is like exposing our security strategy.


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