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Omawumi’s Interview Walk – 3 ways her grace shone brightly

Talented singer and mother of two children Omawumi Megbele displayed grace and elegance as she refused to be insulted by her interviewer. Instead of sitting to let the slight slide, she walked off the studio.

Like students of etiquette and good form know, you should gracefully walk off any embarrassing spot.

These are the 3 ways Omawumi was spot on.


  1. She contained her anger manageably –

In spite of taking offence at the question which practically painted her as an alcoholic and smoker, she asked cooly that it was a rumour the interviewer should have investigated.


  1. She gave her interviewer an opportunity to quickly apologise –

By telling the interviewer that she had no fact, she gave her the leeway to withdraw the question or rephrase it. Good form allows retraction or apology when you are offended.


  1. She registered her position without ambiguity –

Those who ooze panache are straight forward. They make their stand known and never leave room for permutations. People must know that you don’t accept being insulted, especially in public.

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