‘Ooni never cheated on Wuraola,’ friends testify: Inside the marriage dossier of Ooni (17)

Friends of Oonirisa of Ife (Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi) are lining behind the paramount ruler, dismissing all claims of cheating on Olori Wuraola Zaynab Otiti Ogunwusi while both shared the same bed.

Following the marital troubles of the royal couple, accusations of philandering landed on the King’s laps, with many labelling him a skirt-chaser who can’t keep his pants up.
They alleged that even at events, he sends his aides to speak to beautiful ladies on his behalf. And sometimes, Olori Wuraola, his wife of 16 months, would be beside him while he trailed stunning ladies with his eyes. That the gawking was usually embarrassing.
That on many occasions, King and Queen fought over his ceaseless womanising.
But friends of the Oonirisa whose coronation held on December 7, 2015, tainted the tales as implausible. That the Ooni kept faith with his vow all through the marriage.
Palace sources maintained that because the Ooni is a deity, certain rituals are performed before he can sleep with any woman.
Even women who use charms (‘jazz’) are detected by the King. He has the power to detect those who want to lure him into bed, and he warns them.
One source told that anyone who tries to test the powers risks terrible repercussions.
“Before the Ooni and Olori Wuraolu could mate on their wedding night, hour-long rituals were undertaken on her,” one palace insider told “You can ask her. She knows the truth. Ooni can only sleep with ladies who are sanctified.”

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