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OOU students demand justice for 13 killed colleagues (2): ‘She was too hyper-active a day before the accident’ – Joseph Eniola, late Asade Christianah’s friend

Can we meet you?

EniolaI’m Joseph Eniola. A friend and colleague to Asade Christianah, one of the deceased students.

When was your last encounter with her?

The day I saw her last was on the day we did our final departmental exams. Her last words to me was that she’s going to miss me.

Was there any signs or anything you noticed before her death?

Yes! According to her hall mates, she was too hyper-active a day before the accident. She started snapping pictures with her hall-mates, she was saying she would miss them. She made videos with her phone, she was just too happy a day before the accident and she was just taking pictures with her hall mates.

How can you describe her?

She was a very nice girl, she’s always very happy and she’s always smiling. She was a very cheerful person, fun loving.

What will you miss about her?

I will miss her smile, fun and company. There were times she paid our transport fares. All these things, I will miss.

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