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Orgasm is possible from stimulation of most parts of a woman’s body

While some say a woman can climax when the vagina is stimulated, others say the clitoris is also involved to reach orgasm.  However, researchers at Concordia University, Canada, say the female orgasm is not difficult to achieve once a woman knows what turns her on.

They explained that with the right kind of touch and pulse from the clitoris, G-spot, lips, nipples, ears, neck and fingers, a woman can experience orgasms.  Researchers also warn that partners shouldn’t be self-satisfied when they are able to find methods of climaxing.   A woman’s stimulating zone changes over time, while for a man, it’s the same.

The clitoris is said to contain 8,000 nerve endings – this doubles that of a male’s penis.  But it doesn’t automatically guarantee stimulation. A woman needs to understand her body parts and how they respond to different stimulation.

Head of the sex study, Pfaus said, ‘Orgasms don’t have to come from one site, nor from all sites. And they don’t have to be the same for every woman, nor for every sexual experience even in the same woman, to be whole and valid.

‘With experience, stimulation of one or all of these triggering zones are integrated into a ‘whole’ set of sensory inputs, movements, body positions, arousals and cues related to context.

‘That combination of sensory input is what reliably induces pleasure and orgasm during masturbation and intercourse. Women experience different kinds of orgasms from different types of sensations in different contexts and with different partners,’ he concluded.




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