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Hijab, Church and funny costumes in Osun schools

Unless a solution is found imminently, students of government schools in Osun state may start wearing their various religious garbs to school. can confirm that leaders of different religious groups including Christians, Traditional worshippers; including Sango, Ogun and Masquerade have started sensitising their people on the need to start sending their wards to school in their religious attires.

This is the fallout of the June 3 Judgement by Justice Saka Oyejide Falola of the Osun State High Court legalising the wearing of hijab to school by Muslim students.

It would be recalled that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on Friday, June 10 warned that Christian students will start wearing church garments to school if the Governor went ahead to implement the Hijab judgment.

“Where the Osun State Government is inclined to implementing the judgment, Christian students in all public schools founded by Christians with the toil and sweat of our forefathers in the faith will have no choice but to start wearing Christian garments and vestments as part of their school uniform for the propagation of our own faith given the Justice Saka Oyejide Falola declared right of Muslim Female Students to do same as what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander as well,” Osun CAN said.

“This declaration (Judgement) violates the religious right of the original owners of the missionary schools as agreed upon when the schools were taken over by the then government of Oyo State in 1975,” CAN asserted.

Now, has gathered from sources in the state that traditional worshipers are also ready to dress their wards in their colourful religious attires whenever the governor implements the new Hijab rule.

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