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Osuofia Gburugburu celebrates in grand style

When a lion matures, the jungle bows and trembles because a king has arrived. Every lion has its own pride and every pride respects its lions. When Fabian Onwuachu was born, he was just like every other child. But the celestials knew that a lion king was born. And now that he has matured, we mortals have rolled out our drums to herald a new king in his own pride.

As a High Chief, He was in December 2012 unanimously elected and confirmed trustee and patron of People’s Club International. On Saturday 2, 2016, Acharaugo, OsuofiaUkwu, OgbuaguAdaziAni, Ochiagha OkeugwuFabian A. Onwuachu will celebrate his iconic confirmation in a noon till dawn event, with the entire People’s Club International and his family in full support.

The celebration will start with a High Mass at St. Jude Catholic Church Umuopia-Akokwa, Ideato North LGA Imo State at 10.00am. The rest of the grand fiesta will take place at his royal residence, The Acaharaugo Palace Emehama-Umuopia Autonomous Community, Akokwa Ideato North LGA Imo State Nigeria.

OsuofiaGburugburu, God has Confirmed you, we mortals are only concurring. Long Live Gburugburu, Long Life the Onwuachu Clan, Long Live The People’s Club International. May all Glory be ascribed only to the Almighty!!


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