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‘Our best sex position’ – Couples reveal most enjoyable style

Sex is best enjoyed by couples when it is done in different styles and positions they are most comfortable with. There are different styles, and here are some:

* Conventional missionary position

* Scissors (which is close to missionary only that the couple would be positioned inform of scissors)

* 69 (where the lady stays upside down and they both face different directions)

* Pinball Wizard (where the man kneels facing the girl, while the girl is lying down with her G Spot at the man’s G spot).

The styles are endless and more adventurous. spoke to couples this week about their best sex positions…


Linda Badminton

I prefer the missionary style. I am old fashioned. More so, I think the younger generation should be more interested in such a topic than a woman in her late fifties. Sex is once a while for me.


Yemi Adams

I have tried different styles before, most especially before I got married. My wife frowns at the new styles I am trying to introduce. So, I had to stick to just two styles because of her – missionary and scissors.



When it comes to sex, I am very active and adventurous. I have practiced doggy, 69 and pinball Wizard before. It was not easy because my wife complained. You know women now.


Ibrahim Adu

I think I prefer 69 and chicken style. I had to learn them because my wife felt I was a boring husband in bed. If not, I don’t think I need all those things.


John Oni

The conventional style for the matured. What else do I want? I would prefer to leave all the adventures for the younger generations. I can’t break my back because of enjoyment.


Chinedu Chiyere

How will your wife know if you are still a man or not? You have to show her different styles. I like x-factor, 69 and touch your toe. My wife hates some of those styles, but I always assure her I wouldn’t cheat if I am satisfied at home.



I love Pinball Wizard and reverse cowgirl. They are fantastic positions every couple should try and learn. My wife has accused me of cheating because of it but I just want to enjoy myself. What is the essence of having a woman at home if you can’t explore?


Tola Toye

I prefer the normal position. It is less stressful and easier. I don’t have a strong backbone for any other style, I am ageing.


Badmus Odia

Scissors is another conventional style for matured couples. Once you have children, I don’t think you should be practicing any other style.


Funsho Ogugua

Missionary is the most practised style in Nigeria. For me, it is the best method one should stick to.




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