Our Daily Manna publisher, Bishop Kwakpovwe attacked again!

General Overseer of Our Daily Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry and publisher of Our Daily Manna, the popular Christian devotional, Dr Chris Kwakpovwe was the target of an alleged robbery on Friday, June 13,2013, an unconfirmed report has said.

According to information at ENCOMIUM Weekly’s disposal, a suspected armed robber reportedly stormed the church office of the controversial cleric that fateful Friday with the intention of carting away vital equipment until he was apprehended by his staff.

“The ODM office situated in Ogudu area of Lagos was invaded by an armed robber on Friday June 13, 2014.The robber stormed the church at about 1pm when the place seemed empty except for the presence of the staff that was around when he came in.

“The robber came in and pretended to be a furniture repairer and asked if he could help repair some of the malfunctioning chairs and other furniture in the church office and the computer room. We did not have any reason to have doubted him.” our source claimed.

“Further investigation disclosed that as soon as he came into the office where he pretended to have come to make some repairs, he ordered the ODM staff to evacuate the office since he was going to spray a very dangerous chemical. The staffers agreed immediately.

“A couple of minutes later, one of the administrative staff decided to check what was going on in the office where the ‘repairing’ was going only to discover that the man had already removed the office laptop and was planning to remove the second one when he entered to check on him. He reportedly raised the alarm and the suspected robber was apprehended.”

He was searched and a phone and a dangerous instrument found on him.

“After he was arrested by the men of the Ogudu Police Station, he claimed he came from far  away Ogun state but he kept lamenting he was given  wrong information. He said he never knew it was a church/Christian office.

“I thought it’s an ordinary office. If I had known it was church, I won’t have agreed to come. I came all the way from Otta (Agbado, Ijaiye) I didn’t know this place is a church office.”

The source further informed he was immediately charged to Ogudu Magistrate Court where the Magistrate presiding over the case, Mrs. Awope, who was very angry, gave an order for him to be remanded in Ikoyi  Prisons, till July 14, when the matter will be heard.

Before this incident, ENCOMIUM Weekly had reported that the ODM publisher, Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe had been faced with several challenges and battles from his supposed enemies. He similarly suffered a robbery attack about a year ago. It was equally the same office that was targeted.

Even early this year, there was an alleged attempt on his life.

From what we gathered then, the popular publisher of the international daily devotional, Our Daily Manna, Bishop (Dr.) Chris Kwakpovwe narrowly escaped death on Friday, January 17, 2014, during a programme at his ultra modern auditorium at Ogudu, Lagos State, when five men fully armed with sophisticated weapons,  apparently on an assassination mission, stormed the auditorium.

Our checks when investigating the allegation revealed that the marauders came around 10pm. The Bishop was in a programme alongside the choristers preparing for their world anointing service on Friday, January 31, 2014. He stepped out briefly around 9:45 pm to attend to a very urgent issue. Barely had he left when the alleged armed men drove in and went straight to his office shouting, ‘Where is the bishop?’ They shot into the air to scare the worshippers when they couldn’t locate the bishop.

Interestingly, they didn’t steal anything which informed the widespread tale that it could be assassins on rampage.

At the end of the siege, a car belonging to the bishop’s son was reportedly vandalized by the assailants who kept asking, “Where is the G.O?” The incident was also reported at the Ogudu Police Station.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Police are said to be investigating the latest case, though the Lagos State PPRO,Ngozi Braide couldn’t confirm the incident when ENCOMIUM Weekly called her on Saturday, June 22, 2014.

We also reached out to the Bishop’s media representatives who said they were not aware of the incident currently trending in the social media.

When we contacted Mr. Ladi Ayodeji, a media consultant to Dr Kwakpovwe, he promised to speak with us but he didn’t get back to us before we went to press.

Currently embroiled in a knotty case (before a Lagos High Court with estranged wife, Mrs Dolapo kpakwovwe accusing him of impregnating the church secretary (a lady he actually married 14 years ago), the pharmacist- turned fisher of men has suffered several other afflictions which his teeming members claim have made him stronger.

And when it was thought reprieve had come his way, he was almost alleged robbed days back.



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