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“Our micro-wedding experiences” – Nigerians talk about the unpopular trend here

Africans, especially the Yorubas, love parties. They can spend a fortune to stage one despite the depressing economy.

We sampled opinions of Nigerians to know if they have attended a micro wedding where all the guests are less than 30…


Moradeyo Olowo

I have not attended such before. Who will do it, is it my sister, cousin or who will do it? I don’t believe in it in the first place, people around me don’t believe in it as well.


Tola Nijira

Yes, I have attended a micro wedding before. My aunt got married some years back, she had a micro wedding because she was told in the church not to make noise about it. It was few family members from both sides and very few friends.


Emilia Alagbe

I have attended one before. It was my cousin that got married. He was once married, it was an elaborate wedding. We travelled to Oyo town to do it but the lady died at childbirth.

When he wanted to remarry, I wasn’t even told it was a wedding. They told me it was his engagement, it was when I got there I realised it was a proper wedding. The hall we used can’t even sit up to thirty people. Just something sharp-sharp and a small gathering.

And it was over.


Ngozi Masi

I have never attended a micro wedding before. I am Igbo, we don’t tolerate such in my family. The bride price you would pay is even more than the cost of the micro wedding so there is no need for a micro wedding really.


Damilola Samuel

I don’t think so. My sister’s wedding that is even compared to a micro wedding had more than 50 guests aside from the family of the couple. I have not been invited for one before. I believe what is worth doing is worth doing well.


Taiye Ajala

I have attended a micro wedding before, it was even a wedding for the rich. It wasn’t as if there was no money, it was just their dad that didn’t want something elaborate and that has been their custom. Just ten representatives from each side and that was all. They went to the registry with even a lesser crowd.


Alice Ejunyo

My sister had a micro wedding. My sister insisted she doesn’t want an elaborate wedding. It was done in our living room. The groom’s family were not up to twelve, likewise our family. We cooked in our house and that was it. I was writing JAMB that day, I went for my exam and came to meet them. Most of my siblings were not even in attendance.


Romoke Oguntoro

I have not attended a micro wedding before. It is not typical to  Africa. We love parties, we love the elaborate thing. Even if there is no money, they spend the little they can afford to cater for the guests that would be in attendance.


Ronke Gbopa

I don’t think I have. All the weddings I have attended were the elaborate ones, those that were not elaborate were not the micro ones. Even if they didn’t spend much, they did what they could afford.

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