‘Our Story’ – Ebola virus survivors (2)


Nigerians who survived the deadly Ebola Virus Disease, in Lagos, have opened up on their ordeal, saying it was a close shave with death. The survivors were hosted by Governor Babatunde Fashola at the State House, Ikeja, Lagos on Thursday, September 18, 2014.


Adaora‘I Was A Witness To The Efforts To Contain The Virus’ – Dr. Adaora Igonoh

Dr. Adaora Igonoh also of First Consultants described her survival as an act of God, adding that the survivors were privileged to still be alive.

“We at First Consultants Medical Centre took a risk, we risked our lives because we knew that we wanted to ensure the safety of Lagosians, Nigerians and humanity because we are a global village; from a small village, it can spread to the world and we knew the implications, but we said we would risk our lives and we would not let the index case leave the hospital.

“We remember the people that we lost, the wonderful people who risked their lives and we say that we would never forget them. Our lives have been changed, every one of us who went through this ordeal, we know that we are better for it. Everything happened for a reason and we must find out the purpose and the reason why we went through all that.

“We want to say thank you very much to the Lagos State Government, and the Ministry of Health as well as the Federal Ministry of Health. The Centre for Disease Control, I was a witness to the efforts to contain the virus. In fact, there was a time I asked for chicken and chips, I was at the Isolation Centre, and it was brought. I was surprised. I asked because I wanted to see if they would honour my request and they brought chicken and chips for me, I was amazed. Today, I am free from Ebola, no stigmatization. I have returned to work and doing fine.”




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