‘Our wishes for Nigeria before October 1, 2016’ (2)

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Since Nigeria celebrated its 55th independence anniversary on Thursday, October 1, 2015, Nigerians home and abroad have been wishing their fatherland a lot of good against October 1, 2016. Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly also spoke to joined the chorus.


Olaolu Akindele – Nigeria is 55 this year, yet there is nothing to boast of as the giant of Africa. Our electricity, health, education and the rest are nothing to write home about. Every sector is in a deep mess. But still at that, I believe all hope is not lost. And by October 1, 2016, I wish Nigeria all the best in all the sectors.

A Nigeria well governed by President Muhammadu Buhari. A country where its entire citizenry will be enjoying the full dividends of democracy. And I believe it will happen by God’s grace.


Williams Chibuzor – By October 1, 2016, I expect Nigeria to have overcome its security challenges. I wish the country economic prosperity so that poverty can be alleviated. I want Nigeria to have regained its lost glory and be positioned among the world’s best.


Musbaudeen Alade – I wish my fatherland the best before October 1, 2016. I want a country of peace and prosperity, and where there will be employment for the youth so that there will be reduction in crime rate.


Nurudeen Quadri – I expect to see significant improvements in the life of the average person in the country. I don’t mean improvement on paper, the kind that Jonathan and Okonjo-Iweala kept on giving us. They will say they created 10,000 jobs here or there, but many people are still unemployed.

By then, Buhari and APC cannot complain that they have not had time to do one thing or the another. Their excuses about it’s still early days will not fly. Improvements in different areas, like job creation, electricity, Boko Haram should have been finished by then, too.


Seyi Animashaun – I am seriously hoping that by then the Chibok girls would have been found, even if it’s only one that’s remaining, let that one enjoy normalcy in her life. I can’t imagine what life has been for them in the hands of the militants.

Apart from that, I expect to see the results of all these travelling that Buhari keeps doing. They say it’s to have bilateral relationship with the countries, by next year, let those relationships begin to pay off for the country or else, why would he be travelling all over the world on our money.


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