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Over speeding with an SUV kills faster, expert warns

A senior official of FCT Directorate of Road Transport Services, Mr Aminu Ibrahim, has advised against the use of sport utility vehicles as official cars by many Nigerians.

Mr. Aminu Ibrahim, who gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday, March 20, 2016, said such vehicles were not designed for uses they were put to in Nigeria. “Such vehicles were designed in a manner that the distance between the tyre reams and the ground was higher than those of saloon cars and made it difficult for control during accidents”, he added.
He advised that Nigerians and government functionaries revert to using cars, which are closer to the  ground and have smaller windows, to reduce fatalities during accidents. He said such vehicles were not designed to run beyond 120km per hour but the users in Nigeria never adhere to the regulation.
He explained that when there was a tyre burst and the vehicle was being driven on high speed, it was more likely to change the trajectory of the vehicle and make it more difficult to control.
Meanwhile, had a chat with auto experts and SUV users, and they revealed to us the pain and gain of driving sport utility vehicles on Nigeria roads, and tips to avoid accidents when driving on the highway.

Vincent Fowler (VA autos):. 
I will agree with the fact that many Nigerian purchase SUVs, I see it as a very good ride to drive in. I prefer SUVs to cars, but over speeding when driving an SUV is like puting ones life at risk, due to Nigeria roads. It will be very difficult to control, this is why we often hear about the accidents day in day out.

Mr Adelani Solomon (user):
We all know speed kills, although with an SUV jeep is like a higher risk; sport utility vehicles are designed in such a way that the features are very systematic and that beats other cars. Drivers are not expected to speed beyond 120km in Nigeria, but Nigerians violate this and it’s causing alot of casualties. I will say we need to abide by rule and stop putting our lives at risk.
Chris Chukwuka (Auto expert):

SUVs are such a fantastic design, especially SUVs that are designed by Toyota, Nissan,etc, are always cool to drive in. But recklessness and over speeding changed Nigerians perspective about SUVs. We need to be safety conscious. We all know Nigeria doesn’t have perfect roads yet, this is why we need to limit our driving speed.

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