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Oyakhilome seeks out of court divorce settlement with Anita (1)

CHRIST Embassy’s Rev. Chris and Anita Oyakhilome are now practically divorced!

With the spouse of the Founder/President of Believers Loveworld drifting further apart from her estranged husband, the authorship of Rhapsody of Realities, their 14 year-old Christian devotional, it is now obvious their marriage has broken down irretrievably.

ENCOMIUM Weekly gathered that Oyakhilome actually barred his estranged wife from contributing to the popular Christian daily devotional early this year.  A development that triggered the divorce suit instituted by Anita in April 2014.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had observed in the September 2014, the popular Christian literature, that Anita was no longer contributing to the daily publications, except for her portrait at the back cover with estranged husband.

Before this shocking development, Anita authored a minimum of 10 topics in Rhapsody of Realities.

Interestingly, all reports, features and advertorials in the widely read devotional had excluded every information and pictures related to Oyakhilome’s better half, who presides over the United Kingdom branch of Believers Loveworld.

In fact, from Pastor Chris’ Rhapsody International ministerial ‘exploits’ in Arab, the South Pacific, South America, South Asia…nothing is heard about the delectable lady, who was part and parcel of the devotional’s global reach out campaign.

Pastor Anita Oyakhilome had also been long removed from Christ Embassy’s official website and all promotional of the global ministries.

But this rift was, however, more pronounced in the latest Rhapsody of Realities dedicated to Nigerians as they mark the 54th Independence anniversary.  Decorated in Nigeria’s green and white colours, the October edition of the devotional has gaily dressed Nigerian ladies and the iconic National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos building on the cover.  Also conspicuously yanked off is the co-author of the devotional, Pastor Anita, who until now was the Vice President of the devotional which is also an autonomous mission of Believers Loveworld.  The outside back cover had another surprise unlike the September edition.  Anita’s portrait that constantly adorned the top left corner was also removed, suggesting that the billionaire preacher had severed all ties with his wife of 23 years!

And with their divorce case still pending in the UK court, many are wondering if Oyakhilome has not finally sent the mother of her two daughters (Sharon and Charlyn) packing, even before the determination of the suit.

ENCOMIUM Weekly is not alone in this assumption. Not a few we spoke with reasoned the marriage has indeed packed up.  “It is unlikely that Pastor Chris will continue to work with Anita (in Rhapsody of Realities), even if she didn’t get a divorce.  What he is trying to do is to weaken her position and make her further irrelevant, should the table turn against her in the ongoing divorce suit.  Old wise Pastor Chris also knows the strategic importance of Rhapsody of Realities as the ‘Bible’ and critical mission  of Believers Loveworld, that he wouldn’t want Anita to jeopardize it,” a source familiar with the politics of the embattled ministry said.

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