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P-Square’s Peter Okoye speaks on spectacular N150m wedding (1)


The Sunday, November 17, 2013 engagement ceremony of Peter of P-Square and Lola Omotayo drew a large crowd of who is who in the society.

Some of them spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly were full of warm wishes for the newly wed.

ABIKE DABIRI, politician – ‘They make a really good couple’


Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa

All guests were entertained with best of Nigerian music from P-Square to Iyanya, Tiwa Savage and Flavour.

I wish them everlasting joy, peace and happiness. They make a really good couple. My son, Dipo and I, who both attended, enjoyed ourselves at the event. Peter and Paul are great guys and very well brought up, humble and respectful.

As they move on in life, I wish them continuous God’s blessings.

GBENGA ADEYINKA, comedian – ‘There was so much love and affection in the air’


Gbenga Adeyinka

It’s what I do week in week out. It was an opportunity to showcase what I could do again. I wish them long life, prosperity and togetherness. I pray God will bless their marriage and make it a source of pride to all those who are married.

They were extremely happy, you could tell that nobody forced them into it. There was so much love and affection in the air. Peter was really in love and he couldn’t hide it.

EVA ALORDIAH, artiste – ‘There was a lot of love in the air’

I wish them lasting love. The atmosphere was great. There were a lot of friends in the house. The atmosphere was very close to the heart. There was a lot of love in the air.

RUKKY SANDA, actress – ‘I wish them a blissful and blessed marriage’

The wedding was classy, beautiful and amazing. I wish them a blissful and blessed marriage.

KENNY SAINT BEST, artiste – ‘I pray they do not lose hold of their friendship even after marriage’



I wish them eternal friendship because romance may fail, love may fail, but friendship is forever. In friendship, you forgive one another, you tolerate each other. So, I pray they do not lose hold of their friendship even after marriage.

The wedding was fun and classy. They had A-list guests, A-list treatment and a friendly atmosphere filled with joy. Most important, they were able to pull a little concert.

UTI NWACHUKWU, model – ‘The Lord should close their eye and ears to what negative people will say’

I wish them a lot of peace and love. I pray that God will strengthen their union. The Lord should close their eye and ears to what negative people will say. I pray God will hold them in His embrace so that nothing will happen to their union.

The fact that it was trendy, everybody displayed a lot of love. It is an inspiration to us single, that it is possible to have a happy marriage.

It was the most classic traditional wedding I have been to. I love the way a lot of people stood by him. It show there is love and togetherness among them all. I like the fact that it was just his close friends that were there, olofofo’s were not around. It was a beautiful wedding with a lot of display of love.

EJIKE ASIEGBU, actor – ‘God will bless them with more fruit of the womb’


Ejke Asiegbu

My wife and I are happy for the family. I am a father of twins, so, we wish them well. God will bless them with more fruit of the womb.

I enjoyed the company of my colleagues in the entertainment industry. It was also a gathering of the who is who in Nigeria. Again, there was so much to eat and drink.

VICTOR OSUAGWU, actor – ‘All I wish them now is divine blessing’

I wish them a happy marriage. The Okoye family is already blessed with music superstars. All I wish them now is divine blessing.

What I enjoyed most at the wedding was the cultural aspect of it. I witnessed first-hand, the beautiful culture of the Yoruba when it comes to marriage rites and the Igbo. The traditional wedding was more like a carnival.

SUSAN PETERS, actress – ‘Everything went well’

I wish them a peaceful and blissful marriage filled with goodness. I love everything about the wedding. The way the bride price was paid, the aso ebi, everything went well.

SONI IRABOR – ‘The ambience was royal’

Soni Irabor

The ambience was royal. Everybody was happy and convivial. I would love the couple to be very friendly with each other, open to each other and be patient with each other.

Respect for each other must reign supreme in their marriage. Manage outside interference with cautious optimism. And finally, they should endeavour to take everything to God in prayer. God bless them.

KAREN IGHO, actress – ‘I wish them long life, success, love, understanding’

I wish them long life, success, love, understanding, all the best that life can offer. The fact that a lot of people were there, it was a gathering of friends of the couple. They all came to show love. The decoration was nice, the food was also okay.

OSITA IHEME, MFR, actor – ‘They will surely enjoy their marriage’

I wish them the best life can offer them. They will surely enjoy their marriage. I like the coordination of the wedding. It was nice to see all of us, the grooms’ men with our walking sticks.

That to me was something spectacular.

FRANK OKAMIGBO, nightclub operator –  ‘There was love everywhere’

I can only wish them the very best. Happy married life with lots of goodwill and a beautiful home. I loved the ambience. There was love everywhere, and the fact that everybody that came was happy and joyous. It was a beautiful wedding.

KLINT DA DRUNK, comedian – ‘It was a well coordinated traditional wedding‘

Klint Da Drunk

Klint Da Drunk

What else can I wish Peter Okoye and his wife than marital bliss. God will continue to bless them in all they do and keep their marriage.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly. It was a well coordinated traditional wedding with a whole lot of side attractions. I appreciate the entertainment content.


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