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Pa Kasumu cries: ‘I’m lucky to be alive at 61’

ON Sunday, March 16, 1014, ailing comic actor, Kayode Odumosu, otherwise known as Pa Kasumu clocked 61.  Despite his health challenge, the Odogbolu, Ogun born thespian still celebrated the day, with a couple of family members and friends.  The event held at his elder sister’s residence at Aaseese, Ibafo and his newly acquired Abeokuta, Ogun State house.  And it was indeed memorable.

ENCOMIUM Weekly was at his sister’s residence in Aaseese, Ibafo on Friday, March 21, where he spoke on life at 61 and much more…

Let’s start by congratulating you on your 61st birthday.

Thank you.

How does it feel being 61?

It feels great.  I am happy about that. I can’t even describe the joy in my heart. I am so happy because I never thought I could still be alive.  I never knew I would see 61. But God has been so nice to me.  In fact, I am very grateful to God for keeping me alive to celebrate 61.  My joy is immeasurable for He has counted me worthy.

Would you have celebrated your birthday in a bigger way if you’re healthier?

Yes, of course.  But for everything, I give God the glory for He knows better.  If I had been healthier, I believe the whole world would have identified with me that day. But I thank God for being alive.  My health has improved.  So, clocking 61 is the best thing that has happened to me, imagine a person to have passed through stroke, and still as healthy as I am, the person needs to glorify God.

What’s the development or next thing concerning your health now?

All I am looking for is a better management. I still need to travel abroad.  According to my physician, if I can travel out, things will be better.  Also, my colleague, Ngozi Nwosu has advised me to travel to the UK or US.  I would have preferred going to US, but according to what I heard from some people, the place is too cold now.  They said I should wait till the end of this month or middle of April, maybe the situation would have been better.  All the same, the money I have is not enough.  I still need up to N2.5m.  But I believe in God, He will do it for me.

Can you tell us how your birthday was celebrated, who and who attended, especially among your colleagues?

It was a day of joy. I saw my people around me. It was a kind of family and friends affair.  Mind you, only very few people were invited.  Others that came were those who know my birthday and they deemed it fit to come and rejoice with me.  Only one of my colleagues came.  That’s Yinka Ayelokun.  He is also my cousin.  He is a script writer, actor and producer.

A couple of weeks back, one of your children, Olatunde got married and it was reported that none of your colleagues attended the event.  How true is it?

I can’t say it’s true because I had few of them around that day.  For instance, Yinka Ayelokun was there and few others.  Ngozi Nwosu would have attended but got stuck in traffic at Iyana Ipaja.  When she called and told me where she was, I told her not to bother again because the traffic was heavy that time. I even directed her how she could beat the traffic back to where she was coming from.  It was a beautiful event.  I give God all the glory that my son got married in my life time.  I am a happy person to have witnessed that day.

The report was that you celebrated your birthday in your newly acquired house in Abeokuta, Ogun State and another report stated that you celebrated it here. Is this place your property also?

Anyway, I can say this house is also mine because it belongs to my immediate elder sister and her husband.  I celebrated my birthday partially here but it was celebrated fully in my house in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Does that mean you’re yet to move into your Abeokuta home?

I won’t say I have not moved there.  In fact, I am going there tomorrow by God’s grace.  I have that in my plan.

What’s the development concerning the new abode?

The only thing that’s left is borehole.

Why would that be a delay, is the place not habitable enough apart from the borehole?

It’s habitable, it’s good.  The place is very quiet, which is exactly the kind of environment prescribed for me. But you know the essentiality of water.  I can’t live where I won’t get water regularly.  But whatever, I will be moving there finally on Sunday, March 23, 2014.  Some of my belongings are still in my Mushin, Lagos apartment.  But by God’s grace, I will begin to stay permanently in Abeokuta from next week.

How much did you acquire the place?

It’s about N5.2 million.  It’s a three bedroom bungalow.

How did you raise the fund apart from the one donated to you?

My son also gave me some amount.

What’s the difference between your new place and where you’re coming from?

The difference is clear.  It’s far better than where I am coming from.  There is no noise, no pandemonium.  Everywhere is quiet. It’s like an estate.  There is no disturbance at all.  Also, this place I am now, I feel very comfortable. It’s very quiet, I really love the environment.

Would you say staying here has also helped in stabilizing your health?

Yes, of course.  I believe you can understand what I am saying.  You also can see things yourself.  Living here has really improved my health.  I thank God for everything.  I also thank my sister and her husband for giving me the opportunity to be here before moving to my house, which by God’s grace will happen next week.

You said you’re yet to sink the borehole, why is ordinary borehole delaying you from parking in?  How much will it cost you to dig a borehole?

Borehole there is not an ordinary thing as you said.  Sinking a borehole in that place does not cost less than N520,000.

Why is it as high as that?

It’s because of the nature of the land.  It’s full of rocks.  It’s difficult to dig, we can’t use manual but machine. It’s the machine that can blast the rock, and that involves a lot of money. But I believe God that has helped me to this level will complete everything for me.

At 61, what more do you want God to do for you?

All I want from God is still sound health.

With the development so far, can we say Pa Kasumu will be back on stage soon?

(Laughs) By the special grace of God, I am back on stage already.  My fans are assured of that.

What have you missed so far?

I missed being myself. I am happy when I make people happy.  But since I was down, I couldn’t do that.  It’s very painful.  But I thank God, I will soon be back on my feet fully.  I also missed my colleagues.  But in every situation, one has to thank God.



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