Pa Kasumu’s son, Babajide denies using father’s ill-health to defraud the public

‘It’s malicious’

Babajide Odumosu, son of ailing veteran thespian, Kayode Odumosu, popularly known as Pa Kasumu, has said he is not taking advantage of his father’s health challenge to defraud the public, adding that the report is not only baseless but malicious.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, November 29, 2013, the Babcock University graduate of Computer Technology expressed dismay about the publication, calling on the public to disregard it completely.  He also warned those sponsoring it to desist to avoid incurring the wrath of God.

“The report is faulty. There is no iota of truth in it. How can I be using my father’s unpleasant condition to enrich myself? In the first place, I didn’t go to Ibadan nor did I take part in any fraudulent transaction with anybody under the cover of saving my father. What really happened was that some people called my dad’s line when they saw the publication about his health problem. They called themselves Charity Without Border International.

“They said they are into soliciting funds from corporate organizations or wealthy individuals on behalf of whoever is sick or in need of financial assistance. I picked the call because Pa Kasumu had been advised not to pick or make a phone call because of the nature of his ailment. But all what they discussed with me were also known to him and every other member of the family.

“I even showed my dad the text message these people sent to me. So, I requested for authorization which I was obliged, and I also sought my father’s consent before giving them the go ahead. We all agreed that they could carry on the assignment so far it’s for saving Pa Kasumu, and it was because of the situation we found ourselves.

“Funny enough, I have never met any of these people. We only talked on phone. But because they said they have genuine intention, I never had any reason to doubt them.”

Asked to shed light on the allegation that he gave the organization his personal account details for the alleged shady deal, he said, “There was nothing like that. I think it was a misconception. Maybe because I authorized them to go ahead with the fund raising, people now thought I gave them my account number. I only gave them Pa Kasumu’s account details, which he was also aware of.

“They had not collected any money before they were picked up by the Association of Nigeria Theatre-Art Practitioners (ANTP) in Ibadan, Oyo State. It was then they called and informed my dad of their activities. We asked them if they had collected money from people, they said they just started the awareness campaign when they were apprehended because they didn’t understand their mission. So, I don’t know where those peddling the rumour got their information that I am defrauding the public.

“Now, we have instructed those people to stop further activity until we hold a proper meeting with them”.




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