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‘Paraga’ hawkers over-run Lagos

‘Our drinks are medicinal, even big men patronize us’

In Nigeria, the increased popularity and sale of local enhancement drinks like opa eyin, jedi, burantashi, among others, have become a major trend. In Lagos, more women have joined the sale of paraga as they can be seen virtually on every street hawking or having a paraga joint for their customers. Meanwhile, their customers are not restricted to commercial bus drivers and conductors alone. Paraga consumption is a popular with both young and old, men and women. The emotional attachment customers of the numerous paraga drink have for the product can’t be quantified as many believe it’s the best sexual enhancement drink to take.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to women who are into the sales of paraga on the street of Lagos and they revealed the popular brands of paraga people buy, what they do to the body and their target audience.



I am Ngozi but my customers call me doctor because of the treatment I give with my concoctions anytime they complain of something. My customers know I’m capable of taking care of their health needs that’s why you see them here every day. My drinks are medicinal and that’s what I believe in. I don’t go to the hospital and I don’t fall ill. In case you don’t know, anyone that drinks locally made alcoholic drinks like this in the morning, will not fall sick. I have different mixture to take care of health needs, especially when it comes to male sexual enhancer.

To start with, I have jedi, aleko (male genital enhancer), opa eyin, dongoyaro, ponkriyon, among others. I also have powered concoctions that my customers buy to dilute the alcoholic drinks. The powered ones come in different types depending on what you need it for. These drinks are not harmful. The prices are affordable unlike hospital bills. It starts from N40 for a shot, depending on your budget. Most of my customers are office workers, and artisans.



This business is seen as a bad one in the society. Many of those who are criticizing us are always coming here secretly to have a shot. Personally, I have no other skills or source of income than whatever I get from the sale of my herbal mixtures. I have been doing this for years and so far, I have been able to turn many half-baked men who can’t satisfy their partner sexually to real men.

The most popular drink that I have there is aleko, Nokia, dongoyaro which work for the waist. Awopa, jedi, opa eyin and okro which boosts men’s libido. It is called Okro because the way it draws is exactly like okro. I sell herbal soap also that works with men’s libido. I also have a special concoction for general body treatment. All of these are affordable and they work very well in the body.



I’m called Shine Your Eyes and that’s also my advertising slogan. I have been doing this business for more than ten years and I can tell you that the rate people are consuming our product is increasing every day. I don’t have a particular joint where I sell but I am always on the move. My customers are everywhere. In fact, rich men and women who are driving big cars that stop me the most.

After drinking, some of them will even collect my contact so that I can meet them at the same spot the next day. I have a whole lot of herbal mixture. Majority of them are prepared with locally brewed gin (ogogoro) while others are prepared with water and 7Up. I have dongoyaro, aleko, opa eyin, afato, okro and many others. The drinks serve different purposes for my customers but many male customers that I have take them because of their sexual performance.

Most of the ingredients that are used in preparing these mixtures boost the sexual drive of men. Aside sexual enhancement, there are also mixtures to survive the Lagos hustle daily. The prices are affordable. A bottle is N1,000 while ordinary shot goes for N50. I also have customer who usually order for five litres keg of my concoctions. The price for that is between N2,500 and N5,000 depending on what they are ordering for.


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