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Parents applaud compulsory teaching of Yoruba in Lagos schools as canvassed by Lagos speaker

The recent step by the speaker of Lagos House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa mandating the House Committee on Education to propose a bill for compulsory teaching and learning of Yoruba language in Lagos schools has been applauded by many parents of Yoruba extraction living in Lagos, especially whose children are in public schools in the state.

Confirming this, sought the reactions of some parents on the move, and they all spoke in favour of the idea. They, however, called on the speaker to ensure it’s effected not later than the beginning of next academic session.


‘It’s a good idea if it will be implemented’ – MRS. OWOSENI KAREEM

“I think the speaker deserves kudos for that move. It’s a step in the right direction if it will be implemented. Nobody is doing anything to preserve our culture again, especially the language aspect of it which is so bad. Even, those of us parents are equally faulty. We don’t encourage the speaking of our mother tongue by our children at home, let alone when they’re in schools. Every parent wants his or her child to be speaking English in place of Yoruba. In schools also, the teachers will scold a child for speaking in vernacular. So, how do we now preserve our culture? I believe in what Hon Obasa said and I think it should be implemented in all Lagos schools be it public or private. Lagos is a Yoruba land, and our culture must be respected by all.”


‘I applaud Obasa for the idea’ – JOSAIH IYIOLA

“It’s a welcome idea. It’s high time we did something urgent to ensure Yoruba culture is preserved for the benefit of the next generation. As a matter of fact, culture should be passed from generation to generation. But if you look at It very well, Yoruba language is gradually going into extinction which some parents and teachers are encouraging. But if it’s made compulsory just like English and Mathematics, children in various school won’t have a choice than to embrace it. I pray the Lagos government signs it into law soon. It will surely go a long way to save the language from permanent death.”


‘It’s good, but belated’ – ADISA MUSILIU

‘To me, the step is good if it will be followed to the letter. Although, it’s coming pretty late, it can go a long way to remedy the situation. The damage had started long ago that no body saw anything bad in it. Even, most people speaking Yoruba in Lagos speak the adulterated one. So, how do they teach their little children the correct Yoruba? So, we all need to trace our root and do everything to preserve it. The little Yoruba most children understand today was acquired via Yoruba movies. Apart from that, most parents don’t encourage their wards to embrace the language. I thank God for the speaker. I hope the idea won’t just end there.”





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