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Parents apprehensive as schools resume next week (2)

Third term vacation that looked like it is forever is gradually over, and parents are preparing for their children and wards’ resumption. sampled opinions of parents on how they are preparing for resumption…


Mrs. Falodu

I am not yet prepared. In fact, that has been a nightmare to me and my husband. We have four children, two in secondary school, two in primary.

I have not bought bags and other necessary things aside school fees.

We are just praying that business would jack up a bit.


Mr. Akinransola

I have been having high blood pressure since the beginning of this month.

I still have outstanding fees for two of my children, it wouldn’t be fair to put them in school again without paying our outstanding. And I don’t know where to get the money, to feed is also a problem.


Mrs. Eze

We are not fully prepared, we have bought some things but the list is endless. The senior boys are returning on Sunday, they are supposed to resume with their tellers. As I am talking to you, we don’t know where the money would come from. My husband has not been paid this year, we have been surviving on my salary which is nothing to write home about.

I just don’t know, Buhari’s tenure has not favoured us at all.


Mrs. Ngozi

They have resumed already. We were able to buy few text books. We still have more to buy and of course, the school fees is still there. I don’t know when we would pay it, we are praying to God for provisions to settle all that remains.


Mr. Irole

Yes, resumption is next week by God’s grace. With what the country is saying, I need more than N250,000 to settle outstanding and new bill and I don’t have N10,000 in my account.

I don’t know where to start from.

Business has been very slow. I have more than half a million outside, all of them are just telling me stories.


Mrs. Ajibade

They are not back from the village. I took them over there to stay with my mom. I will pick them on Sunday. Though school is starting next week, they might resume a week after.

I have not bought anything, hopefully by month’s end.

We are hoping to take a loan to offset all bills when they resume.


Mr Yomi Olayinka

We are far from being prepared at all.

I have not been paid in the last one year, all allowances are withheld as well. We are only surviving by God’s grace.

Maybe I will withdraw two of them from private and take them to public school.


Mrs. Alfred

Resumption has been a nightmare. I don’t know where to start. As a single woman with three children, their father’s family have not contributed anything to their welfare in the last four years. I have taken loans at two places and yet to refund them, I don’t know where to start as school is resuming.

The only money in my account is what those children made during the break, they insisted on working and they sold water and snacks. They made N20,000, which cannot be enough to pay for one person’s school fees. How I wish resumption is next month.


Mrs. Fajemileyin Omonike

Yes, I am very prepared. I have been preparing since last month, lunch box, bags, shoes, books, including textbooks are all ready. They would resume and we would look for means of paying next month.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 




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