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Parents on how they are preparing for the new academic session (2)

2016/2017 academic session will commence this month of September, Amazingly, most parents are not sure of meeting up with their responsibilities, most especially now that the country is going through economic recession. ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the opinion of parents on how they are preparing for the forthcoming academic session…


How are you preparing for your children’s resumption for the 2016/2017 academic session?

Have your children’s school fees increased?

How do you cope with the current economic recession as regards payment of school fees?



I am trying my best even though it is not easy. At least I have started buying the necessary things my children will need for school when they resume.

Yes, it has. All of them had increment in their school fees.

I thank God this is happening in Nigeria, I am not going to complain like others, because, everybody knows what is happening in Nigeria’s economy at the moment. But there is something I and my wife does anytime we want to pay for something, we start saving for it. So, we have started saving and God helping us, we will pay the children’s fees as they resume.



I am trying my best as possible. September has started and it is running very fast. But as a single mother training 5 children, you know how it can be. The eldest is writing GCE, two are in the secondary school and two in primary school. But I have bought what they need for resumption, though their school fees is yet to be completed.

Yes, of course, they increased school fees every new session. They increase the school fees because children are going into a new class they are going higher. So, it becomes more expensive. The one going to SS2 is paying N60,000, the other one in SS1 will be paying N80,000 because there are other thing the school will be giving him as he is entering the new class.

I am so grateful to God, like I said. It is not easy to train five children. I lost my husband in 2011, and since then God in his mercy has been so helpful to me. Thank God for my shop, it has been sustaining me.



We are getting ready by the grace of God, I have bought all the necessary things they need, like socks, bags, food flasks, books, bottle and lunch boxes and I am saving for their schools fees little by little.

No, their school fees were not increased. I think the schools I understands what parents are going through with the economic situation.

I cannot even cope because it is not an easy task being a father and the year is running to an end. I have to pay house rent, and some other bills. But what can I do, so, I have been saving for it.



I am preparing well. I thank God, we cannot keep complaining but instead thank God. My children are still very little. They are two at the moment. One is in the KG class and the other in crèche. So, it is not too expensive to deal with. Though it involves money too, not as much as those in higher classes.

No, they did not increase the one in KG class but the one in crèche is just about to start. So, we will pay more because there are certain things the school needs to give her.

I am coping well by God’s grace like I said, my children are still little. Though it is not easy, I am coping.



We thank God for life, summer lesson is almost over and school will be resuming in some weeks time. My wife has started buying some necessary things for school and some other minor things they need.

No, they did not increase their fees at all. I have three of them in same school, two in secondary section and one in the primary section. In short, the school even gave us discount.

I will not say I am coping fine, but hopefully, I am coping. I have been planning ahead of time, at least I can pay for the two in the secondary school and hopefully, before the terms gets to half I will pay for the one in primary section.



We are preparing gradually. I have started buying some text books that they will need for next session and some other things like their bags.

Yes, there was increment that I was shocked when my children brought the bill. They increased all their fees by N19,000 each which I cannot afford anymore. So, I have plans on changing their school. My wife has been on the lookout for a cheaper school that I can afford because I still have other bills to pay.

Like I said, I have made up my mind to change my children from their school because it is not affordable anymore. So, I am doing what my capacity can take.



We are not preparing at all. The children did not attend summer coaching this year because I need to save cost because if they go for summer coaching, I will pay more. So, I am saving the money for their school fees.

Yes, there was an increment of N3,000 each for the four of them.

I don’t know where to start from, because, my wife just lost her job and she is planning to start a business so she can help out, but I know that when there is life, there is hope. So I will try to go to my family to help me.



I have started preparation. I have bought the necessary things they will need for resumption. So it will be easy for me.

No, they did not increase their school fees, but they did for their school bus fees because of how expensive things are right now in the country.

I cannot say I can cope but I thank God. Though, business has been slow compared to last year, with God we are pushing it.



I am far from being prepared. I have not bought all the necessary things the children need to take back school. I am just looking up to God for a miracle. How I wish the country isn’t going through recession. Things are really tight now. It is only God that can see us through.



Yes, we are getting set gradually. I have bought all the necessary items on their list. Thank God for that. It remains the big one which is their school fees. I don’t know where I will get that from really. Things seem to be getting tougher daily. I managed to purchase those items I have given them. It wasn’t easy at all.



I don’t even know. My husband has not handled any job in the last three months. Everything has been on my head. Now resumption is around the corner. This month salary cannot pay their school fees; I don’t know the next step to take really. I feel like running away but where will I run to. I am really fed up honestly. It is beyond me now.



We are not yet prepared. We are thinking of changing our son’s school. When he started with them two years ago, we were paying N20,000 because it is a model school. Now, the bill is like N80,000. He will take a flight back to school and he can’t go alone. That means we are paying for two people. I don’t know the magic we will perform to sort things out.



I don’t have an answer to that yet really. I have been going round to get another school for my children. They increased their school fees and it is now way beyond my capability. I just have to get another school for them. Even at that, I don’t know where to get their school fees. God is still on the throne.

I know that heaven will not fall. Somehow, we will sort things out. It might take time but we will surely pay.



We thank God for everything. We are getting set gradually. I will pay their school fees next week by God’s grace even though I will be paying through my nose. It is quite a relief to get it out of my head. It remains the other things they would take to school. Hopefully, we will be able to sort that out before they resume in a couple of weeks.



We are withdrawing them from boarding house. It is better to change their school than to develop high blood pressure because of school fees. At least, we were able to get a lesser charging school than the one they were attending before. We are getting get gradually.



Yes, God is faithful. Preparations are ongoing. Though it is slow, we will get there. I had to change their school because it is far from home. We are trying to cut cost. If enroll them in a nearby school, they can go on their own and come back. With that, we will be saving N60,000. The children are looking forward to resuming in their new school as well.



We are taking it one step at a time. I have gone to discuss with the management of their school to give us time to pay. Not just the two weeks they normally give. At least, a month. Even with that, I don’t know where to get the fees. God will show up as he usually does for us. If we survived last session, we will survive this one too. You know times are hard, everybody is feeling the heat.



God is good. He is faithful. I try not to go beyond my reach. They are attending schools we can afford. By God’s grace, their school fees are ready. My wife would go to their school and purchase the very necessary books they need. I know I cannot afford them all but I will pick the very important ones.



We have no choice than to prepare. Even if we buy time, we just have to pay their fees. God will help us and we will scale through this time around again.


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