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Parents on how they are preparing for their children’s resumption

Third term resumption is gradually drawing near, parents are already apprehensive about resumption because of the money that it involves both as school fees and other miscellaneous expenses, spoke with parents, guardians on how they are preparing for their children and awards resumption.



How are you preparing for your children resumption? 

I have not even thought about that. And I don’t want to think about it now because I don’t want high blood pressure.

Are you owing any outstanding? 

I am not owing anything to the glory of God.

How do you hope to cope? 

We are depending on God for everything.



Preparing is at top gear. Before we know it now, resumption day would come. I have not bought all the necessary things needed for them, though I have started saving towards that, I must tell you, it is not easy really.

Yes, I have not balanced last term fees. I still have an outstanding of N20,000 to pay.

As we have been coping before, we believe God would continue to help us, with the fact that school operators understand the situation of the country, everything would fall in place soon.



We are looking up to God for his help. We hope things would work out soon. We all know there is recession, we are planning and saving towards it.

I am owing from last term, I still have N20,000 outstanding to pay.

We are hoping daily, praying and planning as well. Hopefully things would be better soon.



I am preparing gradually. Thank God I don’t have much to buy this term.

Yes, we couldn’t balance all outstanding but what we are owing is not much. It is less than N5,000.

We don’t have a choice than to depend on God for sustenance.



I am not yet preparing for their resumption. It is getting closer by the day, may God help us. There are so many things we need money to sort out.

Yes, I couldn’t finish payment for last term. I still have an outstanding of N50,000 to pay .

I don’t even know sincerely. We are just praying that things would get better very soon. Business has been a bit slow, we just have to keep looking up to God.



I am not even thinking in that direction now. I have a debt to pay by month ending. If I don’t settle them, I can’t even think about resumption for now.

No, thank God we were able to complete payment before they wrote their exams.

Our trust is in God. He has been faithful all the way, he let us down this time around.



No, not yet. We would start preparing by next week. I am expecting some money next week, I usually make payment before resumption.

No, I was able to complete all necessary payment last term.

God is our source, we would do all for us not to see disgrace. I trust in him.



Yes, in our mind. We are aware that the date is drawing close, God would help us, he is a present help in times like this.

Yes, I finished all payment last week. It was just God.

We would continue to work hard and trust God for the best. He is the only one that can save us from disgrace. All my hopes are in him.



I am not yet preparing. I am even thinking of withdrawing two of them. They are both in a boarding house, they have increased their school fees and it has become too expensive for us.

No, they wouldn’t even allow that. All payments must be done at resumption if not, the children would not be allowed into the school.

God is our source. He can do all things. He will come through for us.




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