Parents oppose merging of Islamic and Christian Religious knowledge


Mixed reactions have trailed the merging of Islamic studies and Christian studies in the school curriculum in Nigeria.

It was reported that the two religious studies were merged alongside social studies and one other subjects so as to enable students learn the two major religions and to promote religious acceptability among the coming generation.

Meanwhile, this decision was met with fury as the Christian body with the belief that the Christian studies has been scraped, accused the government of trying to Islamise the country.

With clear knowledge of what the merging is all about now, most people still think it’s irrelevant.  Encomium Weekly sought the opinions of parents on the matter…


Mrs Olayiwola Bimbola

I do not even see the reason for the merger. If the federal government wants to reduce the number of subjects offered by the student, they should find alternative means to do that and not merge Islamic and Christian studies. They will only succeed in confusing the children, if this week you tell them Jesus is lord and the following week it’s Prophet Muhammad(SAW). It doesn’t make sense to me.


Fowowe Biodun

For me, it’s a waste of time. If we want to live peacefully with our religious counterparts, I don’t think it’s by studying other people’s religion. Rather, we should instigate good morals in the children, let them know whatever tribe, religion or any other thing the difference is, they should treat one another with love and respect.


Jacob Felix

I don’t know what the madness about religion studies is all about. We just pretend to be holy in this country, we are the most wicked set of people on earth today. Instead of merging, they should remove the two from the curriculum, I don’t see their relevance. What’s the essence, when our girls leave school only to become prostitutes? And our boys, street boys? And they still go to churches and mosques with all these filthy acts. Whoever wants to be religious should go to his/her worship place regularly to learn about God. It’s not the job of the school, the school should teach morals instead.


Adebisi Balikis

The federal government should leave the system the way it used to be. Merging the two subjects won’t solve anything, it will only make things worse.


Mrs Ibe faith

I think the federal government should not scrape the religious courses because of the moral standard of the student. The study is helping the student morally so if they scrape it, there will be a gap in the moral standard of the student.


Miss Idoga Blessing

I think they should cancel both the religious topics, because it’s causing problems in the educational sector. So the Government should cancel it “for peace to reign”.


Mrs Umaru Ramot

The subjects should not be mixed up, they should differentiate it, like Christians should be doing there CRK and  Muslims should also be doing there IRK. So that the student can know much about their religion and it will be teaching them not to be a bad person.


Hassan Roqib

They should just leave the religious subjects like that, because something similar is in higher institution. If they don’t learn it from primary school, where are they going to learn that from? I think  the government should leave it like that.


-Azeezat Kareem and Shukurat Alimi

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