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Parents struggle to pay school fees

2016 was quite tough for a lot of households in Nigeria. Some parents couldn’t afford three square meals a day not to talk of other expenses. Schools have resumed and some parents are yet to decipher where and how to get fund for their children’s school fees. ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinion of parents on how prepared they are for this term’s expenses with this question – How are you warming up for the payment of your children school fees this term?



I am not fully prepared. I still have outstanding from last term. Until I balance last term’s fees, I can’t pay for the new one. One of my children is writing WAEC, one is writing Common Entrance. So, I have a lot to pay for this term. Thank God the school understands, I trust God I will settle all before the end of this term.



My children are at home as I am talking to you. I still owe part of last term’s fees. I don’t know what else to do, I cannot kill myself. Everything is just somehow. I told my wife to go to their school but she refused, she said she cannot face the embarrassment again. I am trusting God. When there is life, there is hope.



There is nothing God cannot do. So far, I don’t have any plan in place. I am just hoping that things will get better. We are just starting the year, a lot of things are yet to pick up. Hopefully, we would pay before midterm break.



Two of my children did not go to school last term, things were so rough that we couldn’t pay their fees. It was after the midterm break that their Headmistress sent for me and allowed one of them to resume. I still owe outstanding from last term and one is yet to resume for this academic session. Last year was really tough, I just pray for a better year in 2017. I am not in any way prepared, I am just hopeful.



We thank God for last term. We paid in batches and were able to finish payment. We are not prepared at all this term. We are working and praying that things will work out good for us so that we can pay on time. Before, we used to plan ahead and pay immediately after resumption; I just hope this year will be a better one for us all.



I thank God for last term. My children resumed in a new school so we had to pay immediately school kicked off. I am praying that God will help us as he usually does so that we can pay before next week. I hate any form of embarrassment, so we are planning and preparing.



My son started secondary school last term. It was tough at first because we couldn’t get an affordable and cheap school for him. It was during that period our landlord gave us a quit notice. So, there were a lot of expenses on our neck. We bless God that God saw us through and we were able to pay.

This year would be a better year; I will pay next week by God’s grace.



I cannot say that we are prepared. We are hoping that by next week or before mid term, we would be able to sort things out. Thank God our first daughter has finished secondary school. It remains the other two while we await result and process admission for the first one.



God has been good to us in my family. Though things were not as rosy as expected last year, we were able to manage. I have paid for one of my children, it remains two. I hope sales would improve next week so that we can pay for the second one before midterm. We would make the last payment after the midterm.



I don’t have any plan yet for payment of school fees, I am still battling with house rent. After which I will face school fees. Nigeria has really changed within the last one year, I used to plan for all these ahead, but it is just so unfortunate that things are no longer the same.





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