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Parents, teachers on preparation for new school year

After a long vacation, both public and private schools throughout the country have resumed on Monday, September 14, 2015, for fresh academic session. Some parents and teachers ENCOMIUM Weekly contacted spoke on their preparedness for the new academic calendar.


Are you prepared for resumption?

It is really funny because I am not prepared. I just refused to check the date again thinking it will take forever before it comes. God should help us. The year has been fantastic that you must not see the other side. I am not prepared at all.

Have you bought all your children’s need?

I have not bought jack. Unlike last year, I had everything planned out. Bags, shoes, provisions, pocket money, everything was ready two months before resumption. That is why I said, this year has been fantastic, really. I am even confused, I don’t know what to do. Who will borrow you money, when everybody is complaining. For how long can we keep them at home, it is really a sad case.

Have you paid their school fees?

When we have not bought the little, little things, school fees ke. I don’t know how they can resume next week really. Nothing is on ground. We used to pay before they resume, we will take the teller on resumption day. At worse, we will pay the day school resumes, but, things are really changing for good.

Are the students ready too?

Yes, my children are eager to return to school. They are happy about the new things I claim I have bought for them. More so, they are starting another class. They are happy their friends will be back too. So, they are eager. I have not even told them they wouldn’t resume next week.



We’re prepared for school resumption to some extent. Things are not easy at all, we’re only trying to cope. I only paid one of my children’s school fees, unlike the previous years when I paid everything ahead of resumption date.

We’re only praying things get better in the next couple of months so that we can balance up. I have over N600,000 more to pay because two of my children are in boarding schools.



Schools have resumed, yet there’s no sign of meeting up with the pledge to pay my children’s school fees by first week of resumption. We have only bought some books and stationery to start with. But by the special grace of God, before the month runs out, we will settle more than half of the fees. Things are generally hard this time around unlike the previous years.


MRS. NWAKAEGO JAMES, parent of four

My children will be resuming in two weeks (that’s September 21). I plan to go to buy some of the stuffs they would need next week. My daughter reminded me yesterday that she needs new pair of shoes since she’ll be writing her common entrance exams this session. She said she’s now a big girl and cannot continue wearing the former ones. No, we don’t pay school fees until the second month, at least by then we would have been able to put the money together.


EBUKA CHIKERE, parent of two

Everything is in God’s hands. I am still putting money together to get them the necessary things for resumption on Monday. My daughter will be starting school and she’s really excited. She will start from kindergarten, I don’t have money to waste for that preparatory or crèche. Besides, she knows all the basics like alphabets, numbers and the likes. I pay for school bus and tuition at the same time around the end of the first or second month.


Teachers on preparation for resumption


How did you spend the holiday?

I spent the few days at home. It was an opportunity to rest from the school stress. More so, the children were also at home. There was no one to stay with them, so, I had to be at home with them. It was nice resting from work.

Are you prepared for resumption?

We have already resumed. Teachers resumed two weeks before the students. We have started going to school. We write our lesson notes basically. There are days we attend seminars, meetings with the proprietor and some other things. It is necessary to resume earlier than the resumption date. The break was really short, coupled with the summer coaching. So, school has been on for a long time now.


MRS. ALONGE (Proprietress)

How did you spend the holiday?

Was there really holiday for me? I have been busy holding meetings, I went for a training as well. Then, the summer class began and before you knew it, teachers had to resume, meetings commenced, training for them. Buying necessities the school needs. We can’t wait till the last minute before we get exercise books and other materials.

Are you prepared for resumption?

Yes, very much ready. All things are ready. We are awaiting our children as well. Some parents have even paid their children’s school fees. We are ready to kick start. God is on our side.


MRS. ODION (Teacher)

We have been holding meetings in school regularly in the past three weeks to plan and pray ahead of the new session. You know, we have to improve on some things that parents complained about last year. Also, we have been cleaning the school surrounding, all the overgrown weeds have been levelled and the desks and seats are all ready.

Our holiday coaching classes ended in the third week of August. We pray that we don’t experience any tragedy this year like last year. God will see us through this year.

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